Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October 31st

For Halloween, we went walking around the city checking out all of the people in costumes. It seems that everyone in New York was out and in a costume. Even the clock tower in Madison Square park got into the action. There is a huge Halloween parade that runs from Spring Street to 23rd on 6th Avenue. We couldn't even get very close because of all the people. Fortunately the people are holding very tall things so everyone can see. Like the huge skeleton I took a picture of. We didn't get dressed up but if I was going to, I was going to be a "mobster".


Mom 8:50 PM  

Those Sopranos have really rubbed off on you!

Zia Shelina 1:10 AM  

Your Grampas name is Francesco Salvatore Secondo. Both his parents came from Sicily as young adults. He moved out west, but his brothers stayed in Jersey and Conn. They've never had real jobs. Annie my dear, you are a mobster. You should get on a train and connect with your Italian roots!

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