Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jarin is here!

Congratulations Andrea and Matt! Andrea gave birth yesterday to a bundle of joy. He weighed 81bs 14oz! Andrea and I have been friends since 6th grade. This is her second child. She gave birth the first time (Brady) right before the wedding.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tap of the Morning to You

What do you do when you find a perfect fitting pair of tap shoes? Go tap dancing!
I have started to take tap dance classes at "Steps on Broadway" in Manhattan.
One of the first things that I did in this life was dance (ballet, jazz and tap!) I remember "shuffle-ball-change," but that was about it. I also remember peeing my tights on the ballet bar becaase I was trying to wait until class got over. Keri Weisser (Rachel's mom) saved me that day with some extra clothes. I remember other things but that was the most interesting visual I could think of. I wish I had my dance pictures on the internet to show you with my bright costumes. Instead, here is a cute one of some girls.

This is the only picture of the studio I could find. The hallway is always filled with dancers.

This is the teacher of the class I have been attending. Her name is Lynn Schwab and she got into tap dance at the age of 25. This give me hope!

About Steps on Broadway
Steps on Broadway is a special community of artists where the individuality and potential of each student is realized. Each day over 50 classes are offered from beginning to advanced levels in a wide range of styles and techniques taught by our international, world-class faculty. Throughout the year, Steps incorporates into its schedule special master classes, educational programs and performances. With an unwavering passion, Steps strives to be the cultural core of the dance community by reaching for excellence in our instruction, arts programming, facilities and in our support of the artists and community we serve. Whether a seasoned performer or a beginning adult, you will enjoy a creative experience at these legendary studios. Steps is open 7 days a week.

Friday, January 25, 2008

More Aesop

These are some pictures I took from

This is the poster for the show that they gave everyone a nice copy of:

The line was really long, but Annie and I were at the very front of it.

Can you spot the gleefully out of place math teacher in the front row?

What about now?

Look at my floating head. I wasn't taller than anyone around me, so I don't know how this happened.

This was our view for the entire night. Amazing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aesop Rocks

We saw Aesop Rock for free last night in Park Slope as part of Myspace's Secret Show series, and it was an amazing show. Aesop is a true showman and did an hour and a half set that included freestyles and special guests. It is rare to see him do an East Coast show since he moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco so it made his hometown return that much better (and well worth 3 hours of waiting in 20 degree weather)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Miss Mallory

Mallory traveled back to New York with us.

She stayed for nine days. Here she is in front of our house on the first day.

Mallory's first Thai food at our favoritze Thai restaurant in Manhattan. She loved it!
I can't recall where she was when this picture was taken.
Winter picture in front of the W Hotel.
Wait a New York minture Mister Taxicab.

While I was at work, Cory took Mallory around the city.
Lego Darth Vader with Cory holding cute "Cory" and "Annie" mugs.
Watch out Mallory!
Central Park in the winter.
I love this picture of Mallory.

What's up David?
Mallory's all-time best hotdog.
The original Nathan's hot dog stand in Coney Island.
Ground Zero construction.
Mallory's photography taken from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Great picture! Breathtaking.
This was the day that Mallory traveled around the city for a few hours by herself. She noticed a bike someone was throwing away and told Cory after they met up. Mallory took us right to the spot where she had seen a cute old bike (not locked up) and to our surprise the bike was there just as she described. Way to go Mallory. The bike is now at our house and will be fixed up soon enough (new brakes and tires for starters). Mallory named her "Raustyn."
Miss Liberty through the fog.
Empire State building and my best buddy.
Mister Squirrel
I heart CB

Fun story about these trees. Basically, Mallory and I found them in Soho, carried three of them home, and went back for the last three with Cory. It was a really fun night.
They are now our "All Year Long Trees."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Won't you B-boy my neighbor?

This is something I could describe hilariously at a cocktail party, but instead, I will simply share it with you, the reader/viewer. This is the one and only Mr. Rogers breakdancing in the early 80's. It is genuinely amazing and ironically satisfying at the same time.

Some videos that showcase places I go in Brooklyn daily

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home for the Holidays

This has been my longest absence from the blogging world. What can I say...I've been busy. The last picture of me is the last picture that my camera will ever take. It died (after I dropped it) a few hours after this picture was taken. We have not gotten a replacement, but Mallory was in town and we used her camera (as you will see in the next post).

The Friday before we left to go to California my work had their annual Christmas Party. I forgot my camera but we took this one of Cory when we got home. Everyone was to be wearing black.
Cory and Rosco.

Cory and Grandma Lois.
This picture is dedicated to one of our most faithful blog viewers, Grandpa Duyst.
Jordan and Scott try to compete with our talents as Jordan gets a kiss.
Pretty Good.
Another faithful blog viewing family. The Foxes!!!
A game of Scrabble.
Christmas Eve with my dad and my siblings.
Grandpa Robert and Callie.
I coudn't believe how much Callie had grown!
I love NY T-shirts for all!
Grandma Lois.
The Bruce's Christmas tree.
Designer Lyle Bruce posing for a picture.
Lindsay's 17th Birthday.
A new Cranium game "Pop 5."
"Just Do it"
Cory, Mallory and Nathan having a great time.
Where's Cory?
Who's this young stud?
Cooking with Grandma Asta!
Grandma Asta taught me how to play "Hand N Foot" and that is all I wanted to play! It was a lot of fun.
Callie crawling and smiling for Aunt Annie.
Hanging out with Callie, Allyson and Philip.
...and after. Thanks to Aunt Shelley for my Christmas present.

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