Friday, November 17, 2006

The Jet Blue Experience

I went Grandma Asta and Papa Tom's house at 7:30 Thursday morning. Grandma Asta and Shelley drove me to the Oakland Airport to catch my 1:15 plane. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing our way to the airport. We arrived around 11:30 and the left for their home in Marin.
I quickly learned that my flight had been delayed due to a storm in New York. I finally boarded the plane around 2pm. It was a very long flight. I enjoyed the views from my window. It went from sunny views of California to beatiful clouds, snow topped mountains to city lights. The rain looked really neat from my window. When we finally got to New York we had to cirle around in "airplane holding" waiting to land at JFK. We finally landed, but it was a very rought last half an hour of the flight. It was too much for my stomach to handle if you know what I mean. After we landed the flight attendant was very nice. I really do recommend everyone flying on Jet Blue. They might loose your luggage, delay your flight, or make you throw up, but all these things just add to the wonderful "Jet Blue Experience."
My loving husband was waiting for me at the subway stop and we finally made it home at 1am. It is nice to be back in New York with Cory.


amorphous nate 1:49 AM  

so what is your cat status? did he/she come back with you?

coryandannie 12:19 PM  

I did not bring Daisy back to NY. I decided that it would be better for her (not me) to stay in where she could be an indoor/outdoor cat instead of a small apartment cat. It was not a fun decision. Cory and I are waiting for a baby squirrel to jump through our window.

amorphous nate 7:08 PM  

sorry to hear that, i know you miss her. best of luck with the squirrels.

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