Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time in the City!

Merry Christmas 2009 from the Cory, Annie and Bee!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Praise God for all his blessings!!!

We love our families! They are all in CA so we did lots of phone calls and video chats!

Meg, Nate, Papa Lyle, Mimi Marlene, and Great Grandma Lois!
Great Papa Tom, Great Grandma Asta, Grandma Jill, Papa Robert, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Tommy!
Our Charlie Brown Tree and presents!
We don't have a mantle in this house! Bee's socks from last year and her stocking I made her. Each year she will get something new added to her stocking.
We have started our Bruce family traditions...

First up...stocking opening!
Bee likes her kitty on her stocking. She is playing with the bell on the kitty's collar. I took the bell off of a Christmas shirt of mine!

Pancake breakfast!
Gift opening! Bee was really good and tearing into the gifts!
Teddy spent Christmas with us!

Hello? Bee's new phone!
Teddy brought us an awesome Rosemary Tree. It smells so great! I think I will try to keep this tradition up too! Rosemary tree each Christmas! I hope I can keep it alive a long time!
Chatting with Teddy's family back in Canada!

Another tradition...Fort constructing!

Bee talking on her phone.

Bee is so excited to get her new mini baby doll!

2 days before Christmas

Silly hats! Bee likes to put silly things on her head!

2 days before Christmas Bee and I went on a walk to the Prospect Park Zoo. There is still a lot of snow on the ground! I will start my Christmas Day blog when I am finished with this!

Bee enjoyed the sea lions!

There were two sea lions. The one in this video is named "Beebe!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brooklyn Blizzard

Saturday is began to snow and it didn't stop until the next day! It snowed the most I have seen in NYC. It snowed so much that our church had to cancel the Sunday morning service.

Sunday afternoon we treked through the snow to the park. It was beautiful but the Bee wasn't crazy about it. Too cold and too hard to walk. Her tiny baby boots kept coming off.

I love the day after a snow storm!
This is one of my favorite parts..walking through the tunnel to the snow party. It will be fun to sled with Bee when she is older.

Not a good time to own a car.
Our block. The snow gets piled so high! Some of the piles were as tall as me!
Out our window. Don't worry we are toasty warm in our apartment! The old Brooklyn radiators work almost too well!

Our friend Casey is a skateboarder and he performs in the Wintuk show at Madison Square Garden. He got us tickets for last Friday's show. We went and we loved it! The colors in the show are unbelievable beatiful. The performers were really fun to watch and Casey was great! A link to the wintuk homepage and other link to more fun info with a blurb about Casey...wintuk info.

Casey skateboarding reel!

Inside Activities with Bee

Hanging out with Bee is a lot of fun!
We have been spending more inside time a lot more lately now that the weather has gotten colder.

Bee loves to read her books! I like to watch her entertain herself at her bookshelf!

Her masterpiece is complete!
Video of Bee fingerpainting!

Felix started walking!!! Way to go Felix! We miss you! (Bryna and Felix are in SC visiting Grandma until the middle of January while there new house is being renovated in Brooklyn).

Cory and I went out to eat with Joe and Hillary at a Ethiopian Restaurant in Park Slope! It was our first Ethipian experience! It was better than expected! We shared the vegetairian combo plate. No silverware...just the injera, the sourdough pancake-like bread. The food may not look so great but it is amazing!!! We had a great time. Thanks Joe and Hillary and thanks Bryant for coming to our house to watch over the sleeping Bee! Bryant and I are going to be babysitting for each other at least once a month so we can go out with our husbands!

We had so much food that we took the leftovers home and we enjoyed them the next day. We all didn't think the leftovers would be tasty but it was one of the best restaurant leftovers I have ever had!

Back to the museum! It is so much fun following Bee around. She likes to walk everwhere!
Gardening Bee! The texture of the fake dirt is really fun.
Staytuned for the next blog! It will have snow pictures from the Brooklyn Blizzard we just had!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa is that you?

Bee and Edgar going for a ride!

Playdate/craft time! It was difficult to get much work done with 4 curios babies but we got off to a good start on our animal photo ornaments! I finished mine at home!
Bee, Bryna, Felix, Egar, Michelle, Jennifer and Oscar.

Santacon 2009!
I didn't know what Santacon was until this year! There were 5 meeting points in NYC and one was right by our house! Bee and I went to check it out.

Bee made a lot of friends! She was the smallest santa of them all!

The coolest robot santa!
Our neighbor friends!

We met Gaia and Amy for playtime at the children's museum. The girls made hanukkah hats.

blue sand?

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