Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday. Cory got me a rare black squirrel. Except we will have to go visit him in the park.

For my birthday I wanted to hit the town and check out some new restaurants. Cory did some research and picked some for us to try. Our first stop was at "Dojo West," located on West 4th Street. The menu was full of things I wanted to order but we
both ended up ordering breakfast. Cory had eggs with brown rice and I had the banana pancakes. For lunch we ate at the "Cosmic Cantina." It is an organic Mexican food place. Cory had a burrito and I had the vegan plater.

It was a beautiful day but it started to get chilly so we went in to ABC Carpet and Home to browse around. I had never been in the store before and it has a lot of neat things to look at (and purchase, if you're a Rockefeller).

Then, we had to get home because I had to get changed so I could travel to the Upper East Side for a tutoring appointment. After the tutoring session Cory and I met Joe and Jen at "Moon Cake Foods." This restaurant got the best overall rating in the city of New York (Best food, best bargain, best service, best unknown spot, etc.) and they definitely deserve it. Everything was perfect. The place wasn't crowded, the atmosphere was friendly, and the menu was full of remarkably affordable entrees.

Then the four of us hopped on the subway to make it to the 11pm Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for some late night comedy. After the show we played a two-on-two pool game right around the corner from our appt. Cory and I won. I only made one ball in. So, I guess Cory was the real winner.

Then, we walked Joe and Jen to the subway. It was sure a fun filled day.

I will be in California tomorrow! I am flying in to San Diego and I will be staying with Mallory until we drive home late Thursday night. I can't wait to see everyone. I hope I get to see everyone. I guess everyone should be able to get a hold of me to find out where I am.


amorphous nate 1:01 AM  

but if you're here, then who will blog for us? this simply will not stand.

looks like a fun and full birthday, i am sure it will be remembered fondly.

aren't banana pancakes the finest breakfast food ever invented in the entire universe and for all time! if GOD came by the house for breakfast, that is what i'd serve. those and maple steamers.

coryandannie 10:54 AM  

I am still planning on blogging while I am in California. We won't let you down.

Aunty Shell 12:27 PM  

See ya there!

Brady Nathan 7:13 PM  

Your hair and outift are so cute in the 2nd picture. I can't wait to see you:)

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