Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seeing John Malkovich

Cory, Kristian, and John Malkovich were the only ones on the South side of Rooselvelt Island on Monday. It looked as though John was filming an independant project. Early that day while riding an escalator the boys saw Chris Burke (AKA "Corky" from the 80's T.V. drama "Life Goes On"). He was on the up escalator and he had purchased nothing.

Kristian at a snow covered cemetary.

Cory and Kristian went to the Natural History Museum. Cory is standing next to the "Squid and the Whale."
Here is Kristian's cousin, Eric and his family. They are moving from Manhattan to San Fransico next week. We had fun hanging out with them.
Kristian gave me some pictures he took of me at my birthday at the Thomas' house.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kristian does New York

Sorry about the lapse in current pictures. I am always thinking about the blog but I just don't
do it as much as I would like.

Kristian has been living it up in New York. He has been eating out everywhere. Kristian was really impressed with how big the Empire State building is.

He may be on crutches but it doesn't stop him from getting around. I don't see him too much because he comes and goes quite alot.

He tried to get onto David Letterman but failed. He has gotten blisters on his hands from going deep into the city on crutches.

Kristian admiring the masterful strokes of Picasso.

Cory is playing chess. Poorly.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thai Yoga Massage

Hello Everyone,
Winter is finally here in New York. It is kind of fun walking in snow flurries. It is much better than rain. Cory and I have been staying inside alot and thus we haven't been taking many pictures. I thought I would reminisce on a picture from a few months ago.
I had a fun filled day on Sunday. It started with Church where we are learning about "Fears", then I took an intro to Thai Yoga Massage from my work. I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am meeting with one of the girls to practice what we learned. She is a yoga instructor and her bio online says that she has taught Demi Moore, Keith Richards, and the Dutchess of York. Fun!
I looked into going to the Bahamas to get my certification in Thai Yoga massage but the cost kept adding up. Does anyone have $2000 to spare. Don't think of it as spending money, think of it as a pre-payment on 33 hour and a half Thai Yoga massages. I can take the first half of the class at my work but I won't be able to get certified since the second half isn't until November.

After the massage class I had another improv class and this time I didn't have to be the "mute" in the back.

Cory is going to be on set of Law and Order again tomorrow. He will be a volunteer for a film festival. Cory won't have any trouble fitting in!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Auntie Annie

More zoo pictures. Can you see the baby monkey? Speaking of babies...We am going to be Auntie Annie and Uncle Cory very soon. I just found out that Philip and Allyson are having a girl (due April 28th)!!! I can't wait to dress her in a cute little strawberry dress.
I had a record of three tutoring sessions in a row tonight. The rain and snow couldn't keep me from arriving on time to each of them. The cab ride (payed for by the company) sure helped. One of my student's lives across the street from the Natural History Museum (second picture). They live on the 17th floor and they have a great view. If I could, I would move in tongight!
I still can't believe that since Cory and I have been in New York we have had better weather than back home. I am still waiting for the big snow storm.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Nathan is now in Boston visiting his best friend. My favorite part of his visit was going to the zoo with him. He is a great person to take to a zoo. the tiger exhibit was fun because they were so close to us! I forgot to tell everyone that it snowed last week for about two minutes. It was reall cool. You can see white flecks in the picture I took of my street.

On Saturday my voice was hoarse but by Saturday night it was completely gone. It was the firt time I have ever lost my voice. It is not fun, but it does make you realize how little words actually need to be spoken.

Sunday I got my hair redone at Wella Studios again. It was a creative corrective color class and I had a team of three ladies working on my hair. There was no pay involved this time but I needed to get it done again. I have already made $600 off my hair so they can have a free one this time. I couldn't talk but it was probably best that I wasn't able to.

I went to my first 201 improv class last night. I just had to watch so that has been the worst part of this experience.

Today my voice is back to the hoarse voice. Or the "sexy" voice if any of you have watched that Friends episode.

A few minutes ago I got a call from Central Casting and this time they want me to be an extra on Law and Order for this Wednesday. I had to decline because I tutor in the afternoon.

Our next guest will be Kristian Bringard. He will be arriving a week from Wednesday. He was the one who broke both of this ankles but now he is doing much better and he can even walk!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Miracle on 30th Street

Nathan arrived safely and has been busy exploring Manhattan. All of these pictures were taken by him. Nathan says, "I'm out their Jerry and I'm lovin' it."
Last night we had pizza at Lombardi's and a cupcake at Magnolia's. Both are a "must" when you come to New York. One thing that is not a "must" is losing you wallet. That is just what I did last night. It contained six dollars, a ten dollar subway card, my ATM card and my CA license. I was really upset because it was going to be a lot of trouble to get another ID.
Late that night we got a call on my cell phone from a girl who found it. A miracle! She looked up my information and found Grandma Asta's phone number and called her to get my cell number.
I am happy to say that I have my license and ATM but the rest is lost forever. I learned some valuable lessons.
1. Be careful about putting things in your pockets.
2. There are honest people in New York.
3. Don't Worry because God knows where your wallet is.
4. I should have listened to Lyle when he told us to get a NY ID. (I'm getting one from the DMV as soon as I can).

Nathan and I went to the Bronx Zoo today. It was a lot of fun. After the Zoo, I went and tutored and Nathan went to Central Park. Tomorrow he is planning on visiting the MET and the Natural History Museum.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Original

Cory and I now have matching Clark Wallabees. They were a present from Lyle and Marlene (Thanks again) and we love them. They feel like you are walking on marshmallows. Go and try on a pair and you will know what I mean.

Tonight I went to Alphabet City (located on the lower east side of Manhattan). We had an improv 101 class reunion at one of the girl's apartments. We watched our show that she edited and put in on a DVD. We all get along really well, so if was fun laughing at ourselves on the DVD. I am in the next level of improv class which starts next Sunday night. I hope my new class is as much fun.

I just talked to Nathan and he is at the airport in CA on his way to NY. He will be here very soon!

Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Friday Night and the Mood is Right

We had some fun and were going to show you how it's done! Lots of New Yorkers were out this Friday evening as we walked through Chelsea down to the West Village. It helped that it was warm outside. It sprinkled a little today but on our walk we had no rain until we reached our block on our way home. It is nice going out to eat in New York because you get to "walk it off" as you go home. The sidewalks are filled with "used" Christmas trees. This wreath must have been on a very large door. We did some window shopping and I admired all of the #5's. I like taking pictures of cool numbers in New York in hopes of using them in my math website. I hope everyone had a nice Friday night.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blackwell's Prison

Located on the South end of Roosevelt Island is "Blackwells Prison." It was built in 1796 and it was abandoned in the 1950's. They won't let you in, but they make sure the lights make it look as scary as possible.

It was another beautiful day in the City. Can you believe it will be 60 degrees on Saturday? What a great start to this new year.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday we went to Times Square at 3pm and already it was really crazy. You can see the tower where the ball drops from. I couldn't believe how many people were already there. That was enough Times Square for us! We headed to Roosevelt Island to spend our New Years. We took the air tram over to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan Island. Ro0sevelt feels more like an island because you can walk all the way around and you can't get off of the island by foot. Is is the most peaceful place. I love getting to look at the city from a different view. It really puts things into perspective. We walked all the way around the island and we came in contact with only a handful of people. Cory was on the phone talking with Joe (the boys are back from Africa) standing on the southern point of the island. We were prepared with our warm clothes but the weather was so nice I was sweating. The island only has one Starbucks, one diner, one chinese food place, a Gristedes and a handful of other small businesses. So, we read our books and drank coffee in the Starbucks, had dinner at the Chinese food place, sat and talked in the Gristedes, and used the bathroom at the diner. I overhead the drunk guys saying "I can't wait until another bar opens up on this island so I can stop coming to this dump." We were so close to Manhattan yet so far away. You can't walk down a street without there being a ten bars to choose from. We had fun exploring the island and seeing new things. When midnight approached we went to the water to watch the fireworks. We saw the firworks from Brooklyn, South Street Seaport in Manhattan and we could see flashing lights from Central Park. It was a beautiful sight.
2007, The best New Years ever.

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