Monday, October 29, 2007

Cory Bruce: The Photographer

Here is some of Cory's Photography.
I married a multi-talented man!!!
This is my favorite picture of Tom and Asta.
Asta returned home today from a week stay in the hospital. She was recovering from her angioplasty surgery.

I will be turning 27 on November 6th. What better place to celebrate than Nicaragua?

Guanacastillo, Nindiri

I found out today that my plane leaves at 6am this Sunday. I am going to try to only take a backpack full of stuff. I will be in Nicaragua but more specifically Guanacastillo, Nindiri. If you look on a map it looks really close to water. I hope we get to go see the water. I am taking my suit just in case. I am really looking forward to the trip. You can get more info/see pictures on this myspace page. I also copied three of the images for the blog. Alex, you wanted more info but I actually do not know much. We will be traveling on Sunday, working Mon-Friday and traveling back on Saturday. We will be eating and sleeping right with the village. We get to go out to eat two nights. I was told to bring bug spray and a mosquito net. We will be taking bucket showers and we will use a latrine. (this information caused two girl students to drop out today). I will definitely be taking my camera and possibly the video camera also. Kristen B! What are you doing in Honduras? That is cool we will be in both CA's at the same time! Hope to see you in one of them.

Our goal at a group of 23 is to build to houses in 5 days.

One of the two buildings we will be sleeping in.

Another group of workers. The weather is going to be nice and warm. It will be nice to get back to some warm weather for a week.

The Only Two Guarantees in Life: Death and Junk Mail

Here are NY pictures and the rest of the Hanford pictures that I found. I am leaving next Sunday to travel with 19 students to Nicaragua for a week.

Lyle and Me

Hanford Carousel

Hanging out at Scott and Ashley's house!

Chris has recently graduated from Army Boot Camp. Way to go Pancake! He is now waiting to here where he gets placed.

Me and My Husband

Here is Cory's Trip to our New Dentist in Manhattan

Say Ahhhhhh

They got it all...a water jug, a flat screen, leather couches, and speedy service.

My mom received a piece of junk mail at our apartment. I am having trouble with coming up with an accurate description/pun for this situation. Cory's suggestion was... "Was this sent by the post-mortem office?" Can anyone else do better?

The weather has been really nice lately. This is a picture of me right by our front door.

This picture was taken at Nana (one of our favorite Thai places in the back courtyard).

Cory's Pictures of Paris

All of these pictures with the exception of the first one was taken in Paris by Cory. I ran across this fun picture of me Mallory and Cory (taken by Kristian). Soon, we can re-create this photo because Cory and I will be home on December 20th for Christmas. We booked our flight into Fresno today! We are really excited. We really miss our family and friends.

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