Friday, July 24, 2009

Whale of a time

Sorry it took me a few days to get a new post up. We have been busy in Brooklyn! I haven't had much computer time. As I type, Bee is sitting on my lap trying to get everything off of the desk. So, I need to make this quick.

Gaia and Bee in their matching outfits that Amy brought them back from Nantucket. Thanks Amy, Joe and Gaia!

Star fish!
Hanging out in the water!
Jessica came to NY for a few days and got to hang out with Bee!
Joe, Jessica and Bee

Cristina and Will and Bee and Mr. Ducky!
Bee's two top teeth are in and the ones next to them are coming through now too! Bee went to the doctor two days ago and she was 27 1/2 in and 20lbs 6oz.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bee swims and climbs

Bee looking at Bryna and Felix while she sits in her stroller and eats her vegetables!
I put Bee next to the stairs and she started to climb! I didn't know she could climb but she knew! I wonder how long she has been able to do this? She does climb over everything at home to get where and what she wants! Kids grow up so fast! Pardon Bee's interesting wardrobe choice! She was wearing her dress but I had to add a few things to give her more protection!
Next time we go to the park I will be Bee in the speedsuit Shelley recommended!

Bryna and Felix took us to a new park near their house. I like the cat tail water fountain!
Bee can rock clim too, but all I got was this picture!
Yesterday we went over to Rachel and Lilah's house for a swim! Bee likes the water!
5 babies!!!
Can't believe it's the middle of July and it's not even hot yet! Brooklyn is having a record breaking cool summer! It is just warm enough to swim!!!
Mia, Lilah, Bee, Nathan and Klye hanging out after the dip in the pool!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The sailor baby loves to crawl in the grass!

Thursday Bee and I went to Manhattan. We went to my old health food store to visit Kristy and we went to the big baby store. Bee and I took a break in Union Square.
In this picture you can see one of her two top teeth that are coming in!
Bee will be 9 months old tomorrow (July 13th).

Bee has an eye for detail. She can pick up the smallest of objects. This means that I have to be really careful as she also likes to put things in her mouth!
What is she looking at?
Now what is she looking at?
Mama loves Baby!
Today we put Bee in a cute vintage dress that I inherited from my mom's collection.

I put three of these picures up of Bee and Cory because I liked how they seemed to be matching facial expression in all of them!

Bee and her church buddy Isle!
Just hanging out in the bugaboo!

On Wednesday Bee and I met some other babies in Prospect Park! I didn't have my camera but Susan sent these to me!

Bee challenged Leonardo to a race! We thought it would be a good contest as Leo is almost walking. Turns out he doesn't like the grass.

Bee won easily! Bee will crawl anywhere to get a plastic bag and shoe!

Video clip from church today.

My friend Jackie emailed me this video of Bee and Levi from July 4th!

Levi and Bee in the park from Jackie Mittman on Vimeo.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bee's photo shoot with Hillary

My friend Hillary took pictures of Bee last week to use on her photography website. She is hoping to get some new clients in our area. I sure hope she does. I love the pictures she took of Bee! Check them out with the links below!

Just pictures of Bee
Slideshow with other babies that Hillary took pictures of.

Happy Birthday Nate!

Nate turned the big 3-oh today!

Happy Birthday Nate!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bee and the Boys

Praise God!!!

Bee likes to grab the leaves when she walks under the trees!
Everyone loves Teddy!
Two favorite desserts that my mom used to make: Chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake!!! I decided to make strawberry shortcake with my new hand blender! It was a wedding gift that just made it to NY! My parents had their wedding blender for over 20 years. I wonder if Bee will be using my blender when she is older!
I whipped up some cream, cut the strawberries and bought some angel food cake (my mom made homemade bisquits but I can't right now as I don't have much time and my oven doesn't work!) It was yummy!
Will and Bee have a stare off!
We went to Bog and Max's apartment!
They have a ton of plants planted on their back patio!
I love Geometry! Max is making a really cool geogeodesic dome. It will be a great fort when he puts the cover on!

Bettsy Kingston New GIVEAWAY!!!!

I found a really cool crafty mom who sews fun things. Check out Bettsy Kingstons New GIVEAWAY!!!!
I can't wait to make some fun new things for Baby Bee!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th of July!!!

Bee and Mama in the park!
Felix and a bee block! He picked it out himself!
Baby Bee loved the blocks that Bryna brought!
This is a "just in case they go out together someday picture!"
They have fun together!
Last week Bee started to really take a lot of steps but since that day she has been a little shy. She loves to stand but when it comes to moving she would prefer to crawl!
Levi and Bee
Short clip from today!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Boogers are funny

Bee and "Color Town!"
Bee in her current "Color Town!"
I think she needs more toys!
Gaia and Amy came over to play this morning!
We put them in the matching dresses (same style just a different print).
Big girls standing up! Pretty soon they will be walking!
Best Friends!

Tonight after Bee's bath I said the word "booger" and it got a big laugh. So...I kept saying it! Bee's right...booger is a funny word!

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