Monday, November 13, 2006

Birthday Dinner

Sunday, I went to church with my Dad and Jill at South Valley Community Church (formally known as First Baptist Church).

After church I went to Tommy house and then I picked up Kristian Bringard. At Kristian's house I took a picture of him along with his parents, Paul and Susan. I have known the Bringard family since I was little. Kristian shattered both ankles two weeks ago which explains why he is in a wheel chair. Click here to see Kristian's myspace and pictures of his ankles.

I took Kristian to Hanford to Lyle and Marlene's house. I had to sort through luggage that had been brought back from New York.

At 5pm we went to the Thomas house for a birthday dinner for me. We had organic spagetti, salad, garlic bread, meatballs (both vegitarian and beef) and Tammy's homemade birthday cake (chocolate with cream cheese frosting).

Shelley gave me an autographed copy of Amy Sedaris' book. Shelley had her sign in for me when she went to her book signing in Marin. Shelley told Amy about our New York blog and after she signed her name she siad "blog it, blog it."

The cute dog is "Buddy." He belongs to Shelley.


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