Monday, May 31, 2010

Bee and Mimi go to the SoHo

We all traveled into the city on Friday to spend some time roaming around SoHo (South of Houston). Sorry but these pictures are in reverse order of the day!
We went to Rice to Riches for some rice pudding! At this point it was Bee's bedtime so she was really tired! She shopped and then she dropped!
Mimi bought Bee this a so cute bee backpack!
We went to the Moma store (Musem of Modern Art store). Bee rode around on the stores kid bike!
Walking with her water!
Lunch at Hampton Chutney Co.

Bee says, "Let's go Mimi!"
Big boots!
Bee loves shoes!!! I think this was passed down from her Mimi! We went shopping at Daffy's.
Fun door!
Bee has four more teeth to go and one of them is trying to cut through her gums. Ouch!
Just in case you were wondering...Bee fell down on the cement trying to go down a step and gave herself a strawberry on her forehead! Toddlers!!!
Silly Family! Shopping at Pear River for things we really a giant ear!
(we did not actually buy these things).


The Scholastic Store!
Emily Elizabeth and Clifford the Big Red Dog!
Bee and Mimi have been having so much fun hanging out! Thanks Mimi for being a super wonderful Grandma!

More Mimi and Bee pictures to come!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bee loves her Mimi!

Bee and Mimi Marlene have been inseparable since Mimi arrived! I have lots of pictures to share but for now here is a cute one taken today at the Prospect Park Zoo!

Bee is sporting an outfit made by Mimi! Pefect for a day at the zoo!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mimi's here! But first...

Mimi just arrived! She will be staying with us for over a week! We are all super excited! Bee is going to get a big surprise when she wakes up tomorrow!
Kristian and Taylor are safely back home in Hanford! We had a wonderful time with them! Thanks again for coming to visit Kristian and Taylor!

Curly Haired Friends having a laugh!
Felix, Bryna, Olgierd and Bee!
Guess what this is? Every week I have been getting together with friends to experiment with new recipes! This week Bryna came over to my house and we made tofu fish sticks! They were yummy! The next day I used the leftovers for tofu fish stick tacos!
We went to the city with Kristian and Taylor! We all liked the Central Park Horses!Taylor and I took Bee to the Central Park Zoo!
Big Kitty!
Taylor and the Ida the polar bear!
I loved how close we can get to the animals!
Bee enjoyed walking through the dividers!
Taylor and Bee fed the farm animals!
Taylor, thanks for coming to the zoo with us!
After the zoo we headed to FAO. Bee must of thought she was on Super Market Sweep because she didn't waste anytime grabbing as many of the stuffed animals as she could!
Bee loves this baby!
FAO Big Piano!!! Bee is finally big
We were walking down 5th aveune and discovered that the store "Diesel" was having a fun party!
Bee shopping! Nice pink purse Bee!

Bee loves to splash in the puddles!
Pretty flowers!
Felix and Bee were enjoying closing all the gates that they could find at the BBG!
It is sure nice of the Brooklyn Botancial Garden to put on a celebration for Bee! June 12th is a free Bee day Party at the BBG!
Fun bath time hair!
Drawing is fun!
4 babies for Bee! She loves her babies and insists on sleeping with all of them! She takes good care of them. This week she has been practicing putting diapers on them!
Bee discovered the monkey bars and she can't get enough!
Ellie looks sad in this picture but don't let her fool you! The girls had a great time hanging out!

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