Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Fun!

I was trying to do a mega blog but my pictures are taking so long to upload since our internet is working on lots of things right now! It was taken by Bryna in front of the Prospect Park Carousel! Bee loves the Carousel!!!

Bee wearing all of her jewels!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bee playing the Harmonica

Bee is getting better playing the harmonica!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Ring Around The Rosie is so fun!
Thanks Candace for the amazing dinner!

Walking to the zoo we stopped at one of the waterfalls!Caught in the spider web!

Mama and Baby Turtles!
Snack Time!
Bee loves running up and down on this incline near the fishies!Snacks in the fish cove area!
Look at the babies!
Two baboon babies were born at the end of July!

Bee loves Decland and Seamus!
Cory and I took Bee for a park visit! Bee of course brought her glasses and backpack!
Bee stopped to write something down!
We took a visit to the BBG with Lelia and Sari!
Bee and Mia hanging out!
We rode our bikes to Pier 6!
Go Cory Go!

Candace and I took the kids on a run (with the jogging strollers) around the park. We stopped to say goodmorning to all of the birds at the lake!
We went to the Central Park Zoo! The penguin house was the place to be! They are fun to watch and it was nice and cold!
This polar bear is awesome!
Underneath the plaza hotel holds fancy shops including this fun Eloise shop! The trinkets are not free but the fun is!

Bee could have played her for hours! She loved sitting and pouring us all tea!

Tea Time
Eloise drink her tea!
Room full of pink bean bag chairs!
Dress up on a real stage!
A Pink Baby Grand Piano!
We had a Dog Day Afternoon!
It began at BARK for lunch! They have gourmet hotdogs. The veggie dogs cost $7 each but we bought a coupon that got us 3 for $8. I only wish I had bought more coupons. They were the best veggie dogs we have ever eaten!
Outside of BARK we ran into a cute little doggie! He is a Shih-poo! I never new they existed! A Shit Tzu and Poodle mix! I love it! And I want one! It was the softest dog I have ever felt!
Down the block we stopped at Pup Slope to look at the cute pups! How much is that doggie in the window you ask? Your in luck it's on sale for $700!
Through the glass you can see the doggie living room in the back of Pup Slope. Bee wanted to go in!
We decided to test out a couple of young pups! They were very sweet and Bee was very sweet with them!
Did you notice Bee's dog dress? Made by Mimi Marlene!!!
Later that afternoon Clem rode her bike to our house! Bee liked her helmet!
Potty update: Bee has been telling me that she needs to go poopoo before she goes! Then she runs to the potty! I love it!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Potty Time with Bee

Well, the summer heat in Brooklyn has cooled down! The most exciting thing we have been doing is potty training Bee! It's been two weeks now! I took lots of potty pictures except I decided to keep them all off the blog! Including her first poopoo in the potty! We have a way to go but Bee has been dry most days and she prefers to wear her big girl underwear instead of the disposable pull ups! Here are some pictures of other things that we have been up to!

Trike ride with Daddy!

Sara and Austin came over for dinner! Congratulations Sara and Austin on your engagement!
Toddler Time at the Library!

Tea party in Bee's crib!
Yogurt face!
Peek A Boo!
Ken and Cory!
Fountain time with Dahlia at the library!
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the _____ toddler of them all? I'm not sure how to complete this sentence!
Bee ready for an afternoon at the pool!
Ballerina Bee!

Nap time at Ikea!
Shopping with Daddy!
We went to Teddy to Ikea! Teddy bought a new bed!
At the Ikea waterfront!

What's up Bee?

Bee playing peek a boo with Noah!
Happy Birthday to Cristy! Cristy is one of the women who watches the kids at Biblestudy.
Lunch with Ansley, Amy, Jillian and Leah!
Bee, Cory took a visit to China town!

Bee found a treasure!
Frogs and Turtles? We'll take two of each please!
Cool old police station!
I love Cory and Bee!

Drawing with Mia!

A good bye lunch for Ansley, Brandon and Mayra Grace. They moved to South Carolina and they will be missed! But good news is Brandon's job will put them back in Brooklyn a few months of the year!!!
Lots of girls!
Twin shirts made my Bee's Mimi!!!
We had to say goodbye to Hillary, Joe and baby Blue! The moved back to California!
I got to help them get ready for the move by holding sleeping Blue for an hour! It was wonderful! He is so sweet!
Felix and Bee at the BBG!
Dahlia, Karoline and Bee!
Bee loves to smile!

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