Thursday, November 23, 2006


I went and watched the 80th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning along with a million other people. I had a great seat in the bleachers near the start of the parade. It rained through most of the parade, but I was prepared with warm clothes. Cory was nice and toasty in our bed back home, but I showed him all 100 of the pictures I took to help him feel like he was there. Here our a few of my favorite pictures.

For Thanksgiving dinner we went to the "Cosmic Cantina." It didn't feel like Thanksgiving without our family and great food but we still enjoyed the day.

Hong (The guy who we sub-let from) took us to his gym tonight. Cory and I spent our time in the pool. It was wonderful. We really miss the water. Cory and I were both water polo players in high school.

Tonight we are going to watch a movie and relax at home. I hope everyone had a great day. We love and miss you and we are very thankful for you all.
The baloons are bigger than I had imagined. They were flying them nice and low. Snoopy is so cool.

Charlotte's Web was my favorite book as a young girl.

I saw a lot of celebrities but Julie Andrews was my favorite. She is riding high on the goose.

Garfield has always been apart of my family because my brother Phil was so into Garfield that he named our orange cat "Garfield." Our cat Garfield was not a very nice cat but he did live a long time and when ever we moved houses he was the cat we wanted to get lost but never did (we always lost the good cats). I don't quite remember what happened to him.

I liked the colors and I want that set of rings for the kids room.

Another reason why it would be awesome to live on Central Park West (My back was to Central Park).

Scooby Doo. Another cartoon character that Philip named one of our animals after. This time it was our dog Scooby that practically raised me. He was the best dog ever.

Me and Cory at dinner.
The swimming hole.


Lifeguard 10:12 PM  

Don't pee in the Pool!

Anonymous 11:33 PM  

careful cory its 6 inches deep there.

Anonymous 10:39 AM  

I'm sure that the Macy's thing was nice and it must be a pretty big deal to have it on TV and all.....but we just went to the Hanford Christmas Parade!!!! So there. The crowds were amazing, at least a million (10,000). There were plenty of balloons also (you had to buy them) and many were flying high. Celebrities, they were everywhere ( you couldn't walk a block without seeing someone famous in Hanford). I'm surprised they didn't televise it but it was pretty dark in a lot of the areas. Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that culturally we are keeping with the high livers in the NYC. I'm still hoping for that new 8Track thing for Christmas.

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