Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday At Home

Thanksgiving 2010
We had planned on spending the afternoon with Bryna, Olgierd and Felix but plans changed because Bee was sick. The night before Thanksgiving Bee woke up at least 8 times. Her cough and fever kept waking her up. We spent all day of Thanksgiving at home trying to help Bee feel better! We decided to make the best of staying home so we put on our fall colors (Bee's dress made by Mimi!) and we took a family picture and sat down for a family thanksgiving lunch.

It had been 5 years since I had eaten my grandmothers stuffing so I decided to finally make it this year! It turned out great! Homemade cranberry sauce, acorn squash with tempeh and pumpkin muffins. I think Bee had two bites! She didn't feel like eating much since she felt so crummy! Thanksgiving is not a fun day to have a fever! Thankfully Cory and I were feeling great so we got to eat a lot!
Guess who does the dishes every day in our house? Cory!
Thank you Cory!
We are so very thankful for many things!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is what our little turkey has been up too...

Waiting for the Q train! Bee's favorite train is the Q train! You would think it would be the B train!
Bee off to the playground!
Bee and I went to a Manhattan Barnes and Noble to see Julie Andrews! We got a signed copy of her new children's book! It was fun to hear her talk in person! Unfortunately we could not take pictures of her or talk to her so I took a picture of the tv monitor instead!
If you ask Bee what her favorite animal is she will most like saw "owl!" She fell in love with the owls at the zoo! She talks about them alot!
Cool Bee
What do you do on a 63degree day in November? Go to Coney Island Beach of course! It felt like we took a Florida vacation it was so nice and warm! Bee loves to make sand castles! She even got brave enough to go and get water from the ocean by herself!
It was about 12pm when we were on the beach and the sun was shining right on us!
On not sure but I think in the bottom right hand corner there is a fish jumping.
I love how the sun is shining through the clouds! Heaven is up there you know!
Daddy and Bee getting water in the bucket!
Under the board walk...

On the boardwalk!

Last week Dalia and Bee got to enjoy the fall leaves again! I'm sad that they are already almost gone! Fall happens so fast!
Amazing red leaves! Thank you God for creating a beautiful world for us!

Bee looks like she is making her mean face but it is really just her "I really don't want to be smiling right now face." This cute hooded sweater was made by Marlene Loyd!
Michelle (Edgar in belly), Bryna with 8 day old Felix, Annie with 6 week old Bee.
This picture was taken 2 years ago!

Here we are now! We went to Bryna's house to celebrate Felix's 2nd birthday!
Holly, Felix, Edgar and Bee
"I'm ready mom!" Bee really wanted to wear her tutu!

Where's BEE?
Cory on the slackline! It is super hard! I can only take one step! Cory can go all the way across now!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Carousel, pink tights, hats, birthday food, running and schools!

The Prospect Park Carousel has been shut down for the winter! Bee and I went on one of the last days last weekend! It opened at 12pm and we arrived at 11:50 so Bee waited!

Bee loves the carousel!!!

On my birthday last Saturday Bee and I spent the morning together playing. I guess Bee was so excited she just had to get up at 5:30 on my birthday! Mid-morning we took a walk to the library and bought lunch at the Grand Army Plaza Green Market. At home I put Bee in her hot pink fishnet tights that Joe and Jessica gave her! Both Bee and I love them so much! Pink! The trouble is I like them so much I won't let her wear them outside! I'll save that for next Spring/Summer! To cold anyways!

On our way to the Library! Bee's hat was made by Rebecca! Rebecca is a good family friend of the Secondo Clan! We met her last time we were in California! Thanks Rebecca!
Bee and Cory took me out to dinner for my birthday! Indian food for us! Bee's got her eyes on the naan bread!
Our dinner has arrived! It might not look like much but it is so tasty and flavorful!
It get's so dark early! Bee walked all the way home from dinner! About 12 blocks!
Monday morning November 8th was the New York City Marathon. Part of the race was just a few blocks away. I took Bee to go watch! This is a picture of the pack of leaders. Bee was cold and quite cranky so I only got to watch a few minutes but those few minutes were really cool! The women are amazing and inspiring! I miss my college track days! I run a little now but it's not enough for me to be in the shape that I wish I was! Maybe I should be running now instead of blogging? Bee just got to bed so really I have no excuse!
The next two pictures were taken last week when we were in Manhattan!
A fire alarm had gone off in one of the buildings.

The New School...

The Really New School!
The New School is a big school in Manhattan that includes lots of subdivision of specialty schools. For instance...Parsons Design School is a part of the New School. Parsons is one of Melissa (my sis) top choices for Interior Design School! Applications are due in February and she should know by March! She is excited but her older Sister Annie can't wait!!!!! Bee, Cory and I are to love it if Melissa comes to school in NY! No matter what happens I am so proud of you Melissa!
I'm off to go running...maybe

Monday, November 08, 2010

3 Things that make you say "Wow"

Empire State Building looking really pretty! Cory and I went Ice Skating in Manhattan last week!

I got to watch some of the last World Series Game in Times Square. Way to go Giants!!! The final score was 3 to 1 but this picture was taken right before the Rangers scored their only run!

Cory with the giant white ball on his head. Cory and Michelle performed for trick-or-treaters. They were mesmerized by the giant ball. Cory heard them asking lot's of questions. Some of them weren't' even sure if he was real or not!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fall Fun with Leaves and Costumes

Fall is a fun time of the year! I just love all of the colors that the leaves turn! It's also a great time to wear things you can't normally! I got to wear my bright pink pants and old ice skating outfits!

Cory took this pictures of us. We were in the Union Square Park.
October 30th Bee dressed up as a butterfly! She was going to be a cow but decided that she was afraid of it but then she spent a few days after Halloween trying to convince herself she wasn't scared but she still didn't want to wear it! She would go up the costume, pet it and say "nice cow." Bee was in the face of being afraid of things. She was most afraid of a scary Halloween mannequin in the grocery store. She would say things like..."I'm afraid" or "eyes." When she said "eyes" she would close her eyes and want me to carry her past the scary things! Two year olds are cute!

Karoline, Dalia, Annie and Bee

Bee sat next to a "cat" and I couldn't tell if she was just liking petting the costume or if she was trying to convince herself that it was a nice cat. It took Bee a while to warm up at the costume party because of all the costumes! She wasn't quite sure what to do!

My little Bee turned into a butterfly!

The OctoberMoms group of 2008 got together for our annual birthday bash! We held it the day before Halloween this year so we could have another excuse to dress our kids up! In this picture we were trying to get all of the kids in it! Super hard.
While everyone was taking pictures of the kids I went around to the other side to take a picture of everybody! There were more adults that kids! It is always fun to get together with the other familes! Lots of the other moms have or or soon going to have their second baby! Just in case you were wondering...we would like another kid...not now...much later...end of story!

I love my butterfly!

For Halloween our Friends Michelle and Scott had a circus themed party! So, I made Bee a clown costume! I was an acrobat and Cory was the Ringleader.

Bee doing her lonely clown impression!
Michelle the mime, Scott the lion tamer, and Edgar the lion! Michelle made this awesome set that she put out in front of her stoop! Lots of pictures were taken of her house that day by lots of people. Here is one link to a blog that has one of the pictures. After all the candy was gone Michelle and Cory performed for an hour! Michelle was a mime and Cory was a...? Let's just say that he had that ball that Michelle is sitting on, on his head. I'll post a pic another time.

Bee loved trick-or-treating! This past week she kept asking to do it again! Bee doesn't eat the candy but she is really good at collecting it! Bee's friend Claire in this picture is a piece of grilled tofu! There were soooo many amazing costumes! One favorite that I saw was two kids were subway cars complete with working lights!

B-zo the clown!

When we got home Bee starting acting really silly! She had so much fun she didn't want to take her costume off! I still don't think she really understands what a clown is but she did have fun! She likes tutus and fun socks at least!

For my birthday Mimi and Papa sent a package of goodies! My Father-in-law Lyle makes THE best cookies!!! He make me fig oatmeal cookies! In the package was some fun stuff for Bee! Thank you Mimi and Papa!!!

Mimi sent Bee some more jewelry to add to her collection! In this picture Bee has every necklace and bracelet we could find in her toys!
Just recently Bee discovered that she loves duplos! Mimi sent her duplos that used to belong to Cory! Both Cory and Bee played with them for hours! They also sent Bee some Richard Scarry books! I had a Richard Scarry book when I was a kid that I just loved! I'm trying to find it for Bee but I have found out that Richard Scarry wrote a ton of books!
Nana Jill and Papa Robert sent Bee an ABC book by Richard Scarry. My dad remembers reading me an ABC book that I just loved so he was hoping it was the one I was looking for! It was not the book I have stuck in my head but it is a wonderful book that I love! Thank you! Just about the only clues I can remember for the book I'm looking for is that it was the large size book and lowly worm is hidden on every page!
I babysit Dalia's every Monday so the girls do lots of activities with each other! Here they are having fun with red paint!

I love leaf pictures! Bee has fun in the leaves too! She like me to bury her legs and she likes to make a big pile of leaves to jump in!

It was a beautiful day! I wish fall lasted longer! Here Bee is playing hide and seek with Cory. But all she enjoyed doing was counting by the tree!

It was my 30th birthday today! Thanks to facebook it seems that everyone remembered! Thanks facebook and thanks everyone for all of he happy birthday wishes!!! I
I am truly blessed to have such great family and friends! Thank you everyone! Thank you God!

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