Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Bee

Cory, Bee and I have been super busy in California.

It was Bee's first birthday on Tuesday and today was her party. So fun! I will be putting up a mega blog when I can.
Until then go to Marlene and Lyle's blog for the grandparents view
Stephen's blog (he our talented friend and photographer that took Bee's one year old pictures.

Monday, October 05, 2009

California Living

Bee says "Don't forget about my animal costume birthday party on the 17th!"

We are having a fantastic time in CA visiting family and friends.
The travel day to CA was not easy! The flight on Virgin Airlines was nice but 6 hours in an airplane is tough for anyone! Bee and Cory did got a lot of practice walking in the airport and on the flight!
I was so glad to get to SF! My dad and Jill picked us up for the car ride home. The car ride was nice because I was with my family but Bee and I had a tough time (She couldn't sleep and I could't keep my food down).
Grandpa Robert and Bee walking!
Great Grandma Lois and BEE

We went to see Great Grandpa Clayton!
Family picture at the Renaissance fair in Hanford!
We ran into Tina at the fair!
My aunt Tammy and Bee!
Great Grandpa Tom and Grandma Asta and BEE

I love my dad!
Grandpa Robert, Great Grandpa Tom, Annabelle (the big dog), Jill, Jason, Melissa, Great Grandma Asta, Bee and Me

Happy Birthday to Jill!
Fancy dog!

Bee loves eating with Mimi!
Cousin Callie and Bee play at the church daycare!
Bee, Cory and Great Grandma Lois!
Papa Lyle and Mimi Marlene with Bee!
Mimi showing Bee and Carson the fishies!
Lyle and I made a homemade pizza (okay...I just watched). It was delicious!
Bee with her uncle Tommy
Bee's uncle Philip and cousin Callie!
Sippel picture! Philip, Callie, Bee, Tommy, and Annie
Callie and Bee enjoyed the slides!

This playground had a lot of static!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bee's First First Birthday!

We have been busy getting ready for our CA trip! We leave bright and early in the morning! Can't wait to see everyone!

Happy Birthday to Daddy Cory! Last week was Cory's birthday. We had a great day! We went to Manhattan to go to one of Cory's favorite store and restaurants.

Cory Bee 2
Rock on!
Ride on!
Push on!
The following pictures are from my mom's group 1st Birthday for all of our kids! Sorry, I don't have time to caption!

It's my party and I can cry if I want to

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