Monday, March 31, 2008

New Beginnings

Happy Easter from the Happy couple

Me and the Clemster
For Easter Sunday after church we got together with friends to eat and celebrate. Joe's mom who was in town for a few days made a wonderful dinner for all of us!
My new shirt than Nathan made for me. Room to grow!
Spring has Sprung
Cory and Jamie in the subway.
On Easter we also celebrated Will's baptism from the night before.
There was the annual world wide pillow fight in Union Square. It was crazy. Feathers were flying in the air for miles.

I met Christina and Jessica at a bakery to celebrate the child in my womb.
Cory and Jamie performed three songs at a bar in Williamsburg!
For 10 minuntes I watched Cory and the man in the background. They were unaware that they were doing the exact same thing.

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