Thursday, November 09, 2006

Annie's in San Diego

I am in San Diego at Mallory's house. It is weird being back in California. I am not used to the wide open spaces both outside and inside. Mallory's bedroom is bigger than our apartment.

It was a long day of traveling, especially since my original flight was canceled, so I had to change my flight. The flight I got on went very smoothly. In fact, it went so smoothly we arrived an hour ahead of schedule, but we had to sit in the plane for 30 minutes because there was not an open terminal. The wait wasn't so bad. Bad is waiting as everyone else gets there luggage except you. Jet Blue misplaced my luggage along with the other people's luggage who changed their flight like me. They said it should be here tomorrow. That is why you should always keep necessary objects in your carry on luggage. I have clean underwear and my retainers. What else does a girl need?


Anonymous 10:36 AM  

You can sleep in the closet when you get here so you will feel at home. Midget

Dusty 2:02 PM  

Clothes, shoes, make-up, assorted pharmaceuticals and a bong.

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