Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brooklyn Owl's first craft fair.

September 3rd, I did my first craft fair! It was a lot of fun! This weekend I will be at the Brooklyn Flea and on Sunday I will be at Atlantic Antic. Busy weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gymnastics Bee and 2 Where are we pictures

The Country or the streets of Park Slope?
We just had our annual block party and it was so fun! The next day we went to another block party and they had ponies!!!

Disney Land or Times Square?
Bee who is normally scared of humans in costumes. Said..."I'm not afraid" and let Minnie mouse pick her up to take a picture. We were in Times Square today and ran into Minnie and Mickey taking pictures with kids so tourists (or moms coming from Brooklyn) would give them money!
A Bee Video!

Side Note...Bee's birthday is coming up! October 13th! Any family members out there need a gift idea? Gymnastics/Dance class is little Bee's desire!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom Dad Papa Mimi Grandma Sister Brother Friend Dog

This pretty much rounds out the rest of my CA pictures. I couldn't upload them all but I think this is enough to give you an idea!

Papa Tom trying out a fancy chair!

Bee loves babies and balls! Here she is improvising to look like Ashley!
Grandma Asta gave me some of her old dresses. This dress was one that she had sewn herself!
This dress was one of Grandma's all time favorites!
Family picture time!

Mimi's models!
I've known Rose for ever!
Dinner with Dad, Jill, Melissa and Jason!

Ashley is having a "Boy!" I went to Ashley's baby shower!

Ashley's with her mom, mom-in-law, and grandma!
Carousel with Papa Robert!
Mimi and Bee!

Cory and Jason discovered a fun pinball machine in the computer store across from the Carousel! Bee had a turn too!
Papa Robert!
Cory loves pinball!
Bee, Ashley, Scott, Cory and Bruce (and Charlie and Elliot).
Fun with Tammy!
Uncle Keith and Aunt Tammy!
Bee transformed into Tammy!
Bee giving Papa Tom a big hug!
Grandma Asta and Bee smiles!
Align CenterRoad trip to the Coast!
Shell Shack!
Morro Bay with Papa and Grandma!
Curly Girlies!
Uncle Frank's memorial was a couple of days after Grandma Lois'. Family got together at Tammy's house the day after the memorial.
Jason, Bee, Cory, Melissa, Grandma and Papa

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still More CA trip!

Bee hanging out at Uncle Keith and Tammy's house!
Family Time!
Bee and Chelsea taking a ride!
Jason on the carousel!
Bee and a very special fig tree! Grandma Lois' fig tree!
Family Dinner with the Sippels!
Sarah and Jordan leading the music at Epic Church.
Bee and Jason sitting at a table and bench that Papa Tom made for Papa Robert!
Bee and her Great Papa Tom!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bee Mimi Kerry Bethany

Bee and Mimi playing with water guns! Yesterday Bee turned this photo into art!

Kerry and Bethany were on the road and graciously stopped in Hanford for a visit! I Have

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grandma Lois' Home Going

We love you Grandma Lois!
Bruce Family Picture!
Uncle Nate with Bee and her strong hold.
My dad and my sister Melissa!
Grandma Asta and Grandma Peggy.

Jill, my dad and Papa Tom.Bee, Ainsley and Papa Lyle!
Sarah, Jordan, Susan, Taylor, Bee, Kristian, Lindsey, and Paul!
Another Bruce Family Photo!

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