Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dizzy Lizzy

Cory has been working a lot on the "Garrett" movie. It is almost finished. In this picture you can see Cory working on the movie in his computer room. Cory also happens to be in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. I am standing in the corner of the room on our bed.

I spent a lot of time in bed today. I went to work for a few hours but I had to leave early because I felt so bad. I was light-headed and dizzy. It started last night. Dr. Shelley thinks it is a combination of things. Cory made me the "drink" and I did what the doctor said and I am feeling better.

I am in the process of listing items on Ebay. I already have one up now and in a few hours I will have a few more. I am listing things that Cory has found in New York. If you are curious you can look up our items by my seller id (annieberry66).


Anonymous 11:07 PM  

Tell me what the "drink" is because I had the same thing last night. No kidding. Midget

amorphous nate 1:36 AM  


Dr. Shelley 8:51 PM  

Rum Punch Dazzler. Deelicious!

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