Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movin and a Groovin

Good Bye Marvin!
Little Marvin (yes that is his legal full name) moved out tonight after living with us for 14 months! He is off to living in the big city of Manhattan! He will be missed! However, I am really excited to get to move into his big room!

Here is Marvin and Cory waiting for the cab to take him to Manhattan. Marvin did a good job of packing light! He got rid of a bunch of stuff! Cory found a good book that he is going to read!
Here is the before shot of Marvin's old room. It is a lot bigger than it looks.
My belly is a lot bigger than it looks also!
We already cleared out the room and Cory just got done shampooing the carpet! Tomorrow we will get to move in furniture!
On Wednesday we took a group of kids to Pal-O-Mine for the last time! This horse has cool hair!
It was Darrin's 16th birthday!
The kids work with the horses doing activites and here they are trying to learn teamwork!
The horses were very interested in what watching 6 kids lead one horse!
As you can see the horse was winning! It was fun to watch! The rule was that the students had to hold the rope on the end with one hand. Finally they got the hang of it and lead the horse away!
During this activity the kids were racing the horse through an obstacle course through "6 states" just as the Pony Express did!
Shakiem and his horse!
The kids had fun and the horses were really good sports!
Tomorrow is my last day of work until school starts again in September! Break time for Annie!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 Weddings and a Baby

It has been wonderful having Cory home! Bee missed her daddy! Cory got to see the new tricks she learned while he was gone! Her movements have become very visible to the outside viewer. In the picture below I am at my monthly check-up. I am 29 weeks! I will now go for a check-up every two weeks until 36 weeks. We got to hear her heart beat and we learned from the results of my bloodtest that I am not anemic and I do not have gestational diabetes! I can continue my cake and no-red-meat diet!

It was a nice day to take a stroll through Prospect Park!
Happy Mama!

We went out for dinner at Amorina's Pizza and then headed to the park for some frisbee playing!I like Abraham Lincoln and his horse!
It is common for us to walk through Grand Army Plaza and see a wedding party taking pictures but this evening there were 3 weddings waiting to take pictures!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love You Cory!!!

Cory sent me a couple of pictures last night from the wedding.
Congratulations Jordan and Sarah!
I heard that the wedding was absolutely wonderful!!!
I wish I could have been there!
Thank you Lyle and Marlene for taking pictures and videos!Cory was Jordan's Best Man!
I married a very good looking man! I hope Bee gets his nose!
Bee and I are doing great!
We have been busy all week with work and hanging out with girlfriends!
On Wednesday I went out to Pal-O-Mine again.
Thursday 11 students graduated from my high school. They had a wonderful graduation at the beautiful Terrace in the Sky on 119th Street.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy July 4th

July 4th Cory and I went into Manhattan. We met up with Clem for an hour and went window shopping on Broadway.
Cory and I had lunch at a Vegan Pizza Place in the East Village on 11st and 2nd Avenue. It was wonderful! After that I was in the mood for a Boba at my favorite place on St. Marks. You can't really see the boba jellies because they are blending in with the watermelon slushie. We then went and played frisbee before returning to Brooklyn.
I made a video of part of the finale of the fireworks that were shot off at the South Street Seaport. We have learned that to get a great view you need to arrive early. We had a tree and a building blocking our view but it was still an amazing show.

You can see part of the Manhattan skyline on the bottom left. You can also see one of five 120 foot waterfalls that are on display.

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