Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Block Party and Nate and Meg's visit to Brooklyn

Family Picture taken by Teddy!

Bee loves her new baby jogging stroller! Thank you Grandpa Robert, Nana Jill, Uncle Jason and Aunt Melissa for sending it to Bee! She could hardly wait as I was putting it together for her!
Also, thank you for the fun Crocodile Dentist game! Bee thinks it's fun and Daddy Cory figured out how win the game every time (by cheating).
Bee loves it when Teddy comes over!
The baklava I made for the block party.
Dancer Bee!
Uncle Nate and Aunt Meg came for a visit! They know how much Bee likes to take dogs on walks so they got her a dog to walk!
It's not often that Bee gets to draw in the middle of the road! The street was blocked off for the day to allow for a safe block party! It was so nice!

Every year there is a talent show! Bee was taking her nap at this time so I wonder what she would have performed had she been awake?

Cory, Michelle, Edgar and Scott hanging out!Meg and Nate had only one full day in Brooklyn so they had a busy day of hanging out! A few of the places they went to include the Prospect Park Zoo, Central Park and Times Square. They came back Saturday night to play with Bee before she went to bed!
Mia having fun!
A view from our window. After the talent show the square dancing began!
Bee and Dalia pushed their baby strollers around for hours! Up until a week ago Dalia, Karoline and Ardy lived across the street but they moved just 13 streets away and they came back to hang out at the party! The block party was a great time for us to meet new neighbors! I wish it happened more than once a year it was so fun!
At the end of the day the block had a potluck dinner! Bee and Dalia took a short break to eat and then they were back at it pushing their babies!
Bee had a ton of fun with Auntie Meg and Uncle Nate!

Bee's self portrait

I learned this weekend that Bee is getting good at answering questions! She has heard me spell her name so often to people that think her name is Bea that she can now do it her self!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want to Buy a House in Hanford?

Mimi and Papa have the first house they lived in for sale. Cory was raised in this house for his first few years of his life! It is a wonderful place for a small family, a started house with a lot of storage, or a great rental income property. It is in excellent condition and comes complete with washer, dryer, and refrigerator. Please tell your friends to contact Sell Smart (the phone number is at the bottom of this blog) if they would be interested. It is 1212 N. 11th Ave. Hanford and we are asking $129,000.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More California Fun!

More CA pictures!!! We are back in Brooklyn now!
Bee sure keep checking Mimi's blog for more pictures

Bee and Papa Lyle picking peppers!

We went to Cory's first house! It is for sale if anyone needs a great house in Hanford!
Bee and Cory are standing the location of Cory's first room! Lyle built him a room from a section of the living room!
We watched a video tape of Cory's first movie he wrote and directed. He was 13 years old!
Coloring with Mimi!

Uncle Keith, Cory, Philip, Allyson, Callie, Grandma Peggy, Tammy, Uncle Frank, Shelby, Mary, Lindsay, Shelley, Buddy, Bee, Annie, and Aunt Mem!
Dinner Time!
Bee loves lady bugs!
Uncle Tommy
Great Grandma Peggy and her 2 great grand children!
Poppy the bird!
Tug of War!
My dad and Ace!
Papa Tom, Grandma Asta, and Tommy and Bee
My dad gave me the best surprise present! A box full of my mom's missing jewerly! He found it in a random drawer and waited for the perfect time to give it to me! One of the pieces was my mom's diamond pendant that I thought I had lost. I hadn't seen it since I wore it to my mom's going home celebration!
Hanging out! The weather was just about perfect for our CA trip!

Ace and Bee

Bee had fun picking vegetables from the garden. Here she is eating a carrot!

Me and Jill
Hanging out!
Melissa and Bee!
Jason and Bee
Bee and Jill
Bee and Grandpa Robert
Tunnel Time
Goodbye time
I was amazed at how quick Bee figured out this toy!
Tyler decorated Cami's room so cute!
Andrea and Jarin (older son Brady not pictured), Ivana and Evie, Tyler, Colson and Cami, Annie and Bee. We got together at Tyler's house! We all went to FPU together!
Ivana made Bee a super cute shirt and matching hair clip!
Mimi and Bee checking out the amazing "Bee's Family" picture quilt that Mimi made! Bee looks at it everyday!

Bee's first shaved ice! She loved it!
Jill came over the night before we left to drop off Cory's Birthday Present!
Callie and Phil came over to say goodbye!
Waiting for our plane at FAT! Fresno Air Terminal!
Bee's First Film!!! She loves to play with the camera and this time I was distracted enough for her to have time to shoot a video! She loves to play with the wheel that makes a clicking noise and you can hear her doing this the whole time. She is makes some cute little Bee noises! Future filmmaker Bee!

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