Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bee's Dedication Video

1/18/09 Bee's dedication at Epic church by Pastor Scott

Please continue to Pray for Bee and us.
We are praying that as she grows up, her relationship with the Lord will also keep growing!

part 1

part 2

CA Baby

We are back in NY! Bee has been busy holding everything we put in front of her!

She had the best time in CA visiting all of her friends and family.
If we weren't in the car on the way to a great grandparents house someone was on their way over to the Bruce house to see Bee! She was very popular! I don't have pictures of everyone we saw but I have a lot. Sorry, they are not in order...

I have seen Bee roll on her side before we went to CA but in CA she became a pro!

Mike and Bee.
Scott did a great job of Bee's dedication at Epic Church. Bee stared at him the whole time he was talking!
We went to Lemoore High for a quick visit during the lunch period. Margaret is holding Bee.
David and Nancy
Sara and Alison
Evan, Jordan and Sara
Kelly, Bryan and Mimi
Glen and Arlene

Great Grandma Lois, Shirley, Me, Tina and Cheryl
Bee was given lots of nice presents. Here is a handmade blanket that Mallory made for her.Jeanine and Great Grandma Lois
Macho Fathers and their babies! Cory and Bee, Vince and Carson
Great Grandma Lois and Bee
I love this Baby
Family Party for Great Grandma Peggy's 75th! Peggy, Lindsey, Me, Mary, Tammy and Shelby

Callie Sue
Dad, Jill, Me, Melissa, Cory and Jason

Tyle and Colson, Andrea, Jarin and Brady.

Uncle Phil and Cousin CallieTommy and Me and fake fruit!
Baby Bee 3 months old
Great Grandma Asta and Baby Bee
Bee is full of smiles these days. If she looks at the camera she stops smiling so we have to snap pictures when she doesn't see the camera!

Smiles for Everyone!
Uncle Nathan and Bee
Kerry, Bee and Me
Uncle Tommy with Bee
Uncle Tommy
Pastor Bruce with Bee, Cory and Scott
Family Picture Time!
Shelley, Tammy and Keith
Great Grandma Lois, Bee and Mimi Marlene
Papa Lyle and Paul
Mimi Marlene and Marianne
Scott and Ashley
Alison and Cory
Dave and Debbie
Evan and Bee with the handmade all-natural wood toy he made
Sara and Geoff
Bee, Mallory and Me

Bath time in California!Mallory and Bee
Great Grandpa Tom and Great Grandma Asta with Mommy and Bee
Me and Bee
Susan, Papa Robert, Bee and Paul
Kristen, Momma and Bee, Karen and Sydney-Anne
Asta, Tom and Jean
Lindsey and Bee
Barbara and Bee
Tammy and Bee
Bee and Great Grandma Asta and Great Papa Tom
Cory, Great Grandpa Clayton, Papa Lyle and Bee

Happy Parents at Bee's dedication
Melissa and her little girl Tessa
Bruce Family Photo 1
Bruce Family Photo 2
Bruce Family Photo 3

Thank you everyone for the best visit we could of had! We love all of you and miss you already! I will blog as much as I can so we can be as close as we all can even though we have quite a few miles between us.
We will try to get back out to CA as soon as we can. Bee did much better flying home than on the way out to CA. Maybe it was because she was on the same flight as Jeff Goldblum (I know him best as Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park).
I am also going to be posting Bee's dedication video.

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