Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Day Back In New York

Friday was my first day back in New York. For lunch we ate at a new Thai restaurant on 9th Avenue. Then we went to a Salvation Army on 46th and 11th Ave, where I bought a comfy pair of "7" jeans and a cool new purse.
We left the thrift store and headed to the Museum of Modern Art. We passed by the "Naked Cowboy" who loves to pose for pictures.
Over in Rockefeller Center we watched all of the people ice skate. The huge Christmas tree is up and lights are being put on. It is interesting to see how it is done.

Over at Nintendo World, Cory tries out a new game. Nintendo has come a long way. I still have my gameboy that Tommy and I bought together from the old Hanford K Mart. The first game I (me and Philip) ever beat was Bugs Bunny. Phil, do you remember that?

Cory and I walked around all six floors of the MOMA. There are a lot of cool things to look at.

The most popular painting seemed to be "Starry Night," by Vincent van Gogh.
Cory met a girl in the subway who is a concert pianist. We went to Juilliard to watch a dance workshop that she was playing in. The dancers are really good.


Anonymous 6:53 PM  

mmmm.....naked cowboy.

amorphous nate 7:51 PM  

somthing about the last picture tells me you have been in new york too long, when you are hanging out with longshoremen and going to men's ballet

Harpers Naked Bazaar 11:54 PM  

All the naked cowboys I've come across look exactly like naked sailors, naked longshoremen and naked grocery clerks. Technically if you are wearing skivvies, a hat & a guitar you are Kenny Chesney.

amorphous nate 7:05 PM  

nice, your best work so far.

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