Sunday, November 26, 2006

Many Mouse and Lump Biscuit

The store window displays here are really creative. I am not quite sure what "Chanel" is going for with the many pimped out mouses in a cages. Maybe they are trying to say that even a mouse looks good while wearing "Chanel."

Here is another display, but this time the decorations are much simpler. They are saying, "It is winter and Chrismas is approaching, so buy are things."
In the free bin at work I got a box of gluten free all purpose baking mix. So, I tried to make bisquits for Cory. Here is a picture of my second try. They are edible but they are not great. Is it my recipe? The glass pan I am trying to bake them in (I don't have a cookie sheet)? Is it because they are gluten free? Help!


Fanny Farmer 11:15 PM  

There is absolutely no reason to ever bake without our friend gluten. It is the tie that binds. Girl you need yourself some Bisquick, a baking sheet and of course 2 pounds of butta.

Anonymous 1:14 AM  

coryandannie, gluten forms the structure of baked goods. You will never be successful until you use a recipe for gluten-free flour. Even then, success is a relative term. You had better stick with pita.

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