Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Wild Bunch

I went to the home of Mike, Tasha, Ian and Evan Wilds. They are good friends of ours. Evan was born 8 months ago and Cory and I got to hold him a couple of hours after he was born. He was so tiny and there is nothing like holding a new born baby. Mike was heading off to work, but he took a minute to handcuff his family.
I went to Lyle and Marlene's house where Lyle made me a snack. I always enjoy the great meals that he makes. I am really thankful for the great In-Laws that I have. I love being Mrs. Bruce.

I went to the Bray's. Dennis made a batch of boba balls so we could have Boba Tea. Dennis, Cory, and I love Boba. We can't wait for Dennis to open a Bobo shop up.
Aimee Bray smiles as she hugs here Christmas Tree and drugs. She has had the flue since Sunday.

I went to my Dad's house for dinner. In the picture you can see Melissa, Asta, Tom, Jason, Robert, Philip, Allyson, and Jill. Philip and Allyson have had a long weekend after the wedding. Getting married is a lot of work. They surprised me with a birthday cake. I love my family and I am glad that it keeps on growing.

Tasha and Evan wave "Bye, Bye."


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