Friday, November 17, 2006

Last Day In Town

Wednesday was my last day in town and my last chance to hang out with my family. My first stop of the day was at Grandpa Clayton and Grandma Darlene's house. Then, I went to Gradman Lois' house for a visit. In our picture I am holding up the 5 loaves of fruit cake she made for Cory for me to bring back to New York.

I visited with Lyle and Dottie as we packed my luggage. I had to carefully pack all the fruit cake and the cookies Lyle made me (it all made it to NY in perfect condition). I met up with Tommy and Shelley at the Thai Kitchen in Hanford. I fell in love with Thai food in New York, so I had to see what the Thai food was like in Hanford.

Grandma Asta made a lovely salmon dinner for me, Papa, Melissa and Jason.

After dinner, Melissa and I went shopping at Gottshalks in Hanford. Then we met the rest of the family at Allyson's parents house (they conveniently live around the corner from Lyle and Marlene's house) to watch Allyson and Phil open wedding presents.

After all the nice wedding presents were opened I went back to Lyle and Marlene's house to say goodbye. Marlene and Dottie posed for a picture.

My second to last stop was at Carol and Stephen Stone's house. Carol was my 2nd grade teacher and one of my mom's best friends. She still teaches 2nd grade and she takes her students on a "Trip Around the World." I brought her New York postcards and tourist brochers for her to give to her students. Carol and Stephen have two cute Scottie Dogs. In the background are pencil drawings of her two son's Matthew and Peter of when they were kids. Peter lives in Queens and is an actor. I will be visiting him in Queens very soon.

I really enjoyed my time with family and friends. Of course it is never enough time, but I am thankful for the time I got.


Gloing breastulas 10:55 PM  

Did you have someone take pictures of your flight. We want to see green Annie. Love you!

Anonymous 11:39 AM  

I thought it was a blog-law that Shelly had to wear black for all pictures. Glad you made it home but Cory doesn't look happy in that picture. Midget

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