Sunday, November 12, 2006

Family Time

Mallory and I made it to Hanford at 12:30 am Thursday night after a long drive from San Diego.
Friday morning I had breakfast with Marlene and Lyle.

I went to Grandma Lois' house for a visit before I headed off to Lemoore.

I got to see Melissa Coulter's baby girl for the first time. Her baby (Tessa) was born the day before our wedding.
I had lunch with Grandma Asta and Papa Tom. Then, I went to my Dad's house to see him along with Jill, Melissa and Jason.

I went to Grandma Peggy's house to visit and also to shower and change. Shelley helped me get "big hair".

My older brother Philip married Allyson Luis. I found our that her dad is a cousin of Joey Luis who was my dad's best man in his wedding in 1972. It is a small world. The wedding was in the same church that Cory and I got married in and I hadn't been there since. It was fun being back because this time I just had to watch. At my wedding, we forgot to take a big family picture so we made sure we did this time. This picture is of the Secondo Family (my mom's side). We also took a family picture with everyone but my camera's picture did not turn out.

The reception was at the Vineyard Inn's Wine Cellar. The reception was beautiful and there was good food and a lot of fun people. Just in case you need captions to the pictures...

1. Tommy, Beautiful Bride Allyson, Philip, and me
2. Secondo Family
3. Me and my dad
4. Papa Tom, me and Grandma Asta
5. Tommy, Shelley and Me with our glowing boobies.
6. Me, Lindsey and David Howe
7. The reception hall as the bride and groom enter.
8. Family at the FPU basketball game.
9. Tommy and Rosco

Saturday night we went to watch cousin Ross play basketball. He is following in my foot steps, playing basketball at Fresno Pacific University. Click here to see he bio on the FPU website.

Today (Sunday) I went to church with my Dad and Jill. After church I went and to visit with my brother Tommy at his new house (he moved in the house in July). His dog's name is Rosco and he is a lot of fun to play with.

Then, I picked up Kristian Bringard (I have known Kristian since we were little and he is one of Cory's best friends), went to Lyle and Marlene's house, then we went to the Thomas' house for a belated birthday party for me. I will put those pictures up later.


Brady Nathan 2:33 PM  

Hey Annie,
I thought I'd check your blog since you are coming to visit me and baby Brady in about 2 hours. It is cool to get to see the pictures of the wedding and your family even before I see you! The picture of Tommy, you and Aunt Shelley reminds me to always wear a black bra under a black shirt if there will be picture taking with a flash involved! That was hilarious and I know Shelley will appreciate the picture. I can't wait to see you and your cute hair!

Anonymous 2:41 PM  

It does seem that A Shelly has an inner glow. I do believe I've seen those before in an earlier part of this blog and it involved Cory and Jordan. Hmmmmmm. Midget

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