Friday, November 03, 2006

Roller Derby

It was another beautiful day in the city. Cory and I went rollerblading down to Battery Park then we went back through the city on Broadway.
Fall is in the air. Cory took a picture of me surrounded by the beautiful trees. I can't wait to see what Central Park will look like when all of the trees have started to change colors.

Here is a picture of the Merchant Marine's Memorial in Battery Park. Battery Park is where you get on a ferry to take you to the Statue of Liberty. I have not been out to Ellis Islind since I was a little girl visiting New York with my family. I had so much fun counting the steps as we made our way to the top of her crown. You can't go up in the Statue any longer, so I don't plan on going back at all.

Here is another New York type picture that Cory took. New York has great hot dogs. I prefer the tofu dogs, but there is nothing like the real thing.

Down by City Hall we saw a group of parole officers on strike. I thought about how if I was going to go around in a circle all day, I would like to have my roller blades on. I would never get tired.

The last picture is of me eating a falafel sandwich at a restaurant called Chickpea (we went here on Lyle and Marlene's reccomendation). Do you like my shirt? It is my rollerblading shirt because it keeps me warm and most important it has padding all along the arms in case I join the "roller derby."


Mom 5:17 PM  

Glad you liked the Chickpea! Nice shirt! See ya Soon!!!!!!

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