Sunday, November 05, 2006

Improv and My New Hair

From 7am to 2pm I was at the Wella Studios in Rockefellar Center getting my hair done.

Fabio (The Canadian hairdresser who did my hair back in August) was back to do another show and I was one of his hair models again. This time, he color corrected my roots and added more color to the dark parts of my hair and he gave me a new cut. I was glad to have Fabio do my hair again. He told me he would be back in March to do another show, so I will look forward to getting my hair done yet again.

After the hair show, I had to get home to eat and change because I had to perform in my first improv show (I have been taking an improv class).

Cory and I ate dinner at "Taco Fresca," which is right around the corner from our apartment. It was our first time, but we will be going back alot. We both ordered their fresh made torillas with black beans. I tried making homemade tortillas once in college but they were inedible. "Taco Fresca," makes them just right.

Tonight was the graduation show for my improv 101 class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. I had so much fun in the class because I made new friends and the teacher was really good.

I was very nervous tonight, but it turned out to be a good show. Cory and Joe were there to support me. The class was divided into two groups of seven. My group went first. Then an audience member gave a suggestion (my group's was "gingivitus"). Then four members of our group did a short monlogue about what "gingivitus" reminds them of and then our sketches were to be based on these monologues. Cory took pictures and he also captured 2 video. I have not figured out how to put a video on this blog yet, so you need to go to my myspace page ( click on this text and then click on "View My: Videos" (which is located underneath my profile picture which is on the top left of the screen). It is a video of my first improv sketch.

Remember, this is improv so none of it is planned or scripted. After the show, we all went out together.


you know 1:51 AM  

wow that was a side of you(annie) that i havent seen. you know funny. i think that talking about cutting your dogs hair, or shaving your cats butt making you a hair stylist would have been really funny. good stuff though. whats up with "the shield"? and im not talking about michael chiklis.

amorphous nate 2:31 AM  

i like it. sorta young farrah fawcett before the nose jobs and abusive relationships. hopefully you are still in that stage too. haven't seen the clip yet, but i will, and i'll be back with criticism... i mean compliments, i have always gotten those two confused.

Dahlin' Doo 12:28 PM  

Happy Birthday! Yor hair is bouncin' and behavin'. Fabulous Fabio! I'm glad to see he's still in the chastity belt, cuz you are hot. Any guy would switch teams for you. What a fun gig. I'd always have a couple cocktails before improv...things just seem to flow. You go girl, I'll see you Friday. Yeah!

amorphous nate 10:33 PM  

pretty funny. so is that the end of your improv career?

happy birthday!

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