Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Perfect Day

We have been waiting for a sunny day to go rollerblading in Central Park, so we were glad to wake up to a clear sunny sky this morning.

We started out traveling up the Hudson (there are bike paths along the Hudson River) all the way to 110th Street. The bike paths here in New York are amazing. They are nice and wide
and everywhere you go the view is spectacular.
The first picture on the blog is a view from Morning Side Heights. It feels like you are on top of a building but you are just on a normal looking side walk.

The second picture is pretty self explanatory. It is just a good picture (Cory took it) of street that does a good job of representing Manhattan.

We entered Central Park from the North end and we were greeted with what I think is the most peaceful looking pond I have ever seen. The water was gently moving, ducks were happily swimming along, and the trees were all different shades of color. We finally took a rest from rollerblading and sat down to enjoy the scenery and the sandwiches we had brought.

Then we headed deeper into the park and stopped to take pictures of "The Green" and the view from "Belevedere's Castle." If I could choose one place to live in Manhattan I think it would be Belevedere's Castle. This way I would be the only person walking in Central Park on my way to my house and because it is a cool looking castle with a great view.

The last two pictures are of me and Cory. If you can't tell, we are on the lake in a row boat. It was so much fun and a perfect day to get some sun on the lake. When you come to New York and it is a beautiful day I would recommend going to Central Park to rent a boat.

After Central Park we traveled down 5th Avenue to 30th Street. I can't believe I roller bladed down 5th Avenue. There were a lot of people but I didn't hit anyone. In fact, I didn't fall once today. I say this because I am paranoid that I am going to fall. The thing I hate most when I am rollerblading are steep declines. Cory on the other hand could be a professional speed skater if he wanted.

Well, everyone it is late and I should get to bed. Enjoy the pictures and my attempt to explain them.


hesitant hack 10:53 AM  

wow, you make it look like a different city! nice photographs. What's with the green rugby shirt?

amorphous nate 2:33 PM  

irish national team

nice pictures, can we assume that is the castle in the background of the last shot? Happy Halloween. Annie dressed up like a rugby player, and cory dressed up as everybody's favorite mythical character, himself.

Tree-hugger 12:37 PM  

Beautiful. Hard to believe your in a city of 8.5 million. Just read that NY is not only the largest and safest city in the US, it is also the most enviromental. You are all leaving small footprints as they say. Hence the clean air. Last on the list...Fresno! Enjoy!

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