Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roosevelt Island

On Monday, Cory and I went for a walk to H & H Bagels. They are located on 11th Ave and 46th Street. They really do have the best bagels we have ever eaten. It was also a beautiful day for a walk. After the bagel shop we headed east towards the opposite side of Manhattan where Roosevelt Island is. Roosevelt Island is a small island between Manhattan and Queens. On our way to the subway (there is only one train that stops on the island), we passed by a huge cool looking statue. This is what I will look like when I am pregnant. We sure our enjoying our life over here in New York. I am glad that we are not tied down with any big responsibilities. Well, we made it to the Island after riding on the subway which was the deepest subway we had ever been on. We had to ride an elevator when we got to the island. The elevator door opened and we were suddenly in what felt like a whole new world, but it isn't far away at all. We walked around the island for a while and made our way to the main street. It looked just like a college campus. Not because of the people but because of the layout and the buildings. We found "The Thriftstore" (make no mistake, it is "The" only thriftstore on the island) and I bought a nice, red pyrex bowl for a dollar. To get back to Manhattan we took the air tram. It provides you with a great view of the island and of manhattan. We will definitely go back to the island when we want to get a way from the fast city life here in the Big Apple.


destination onknown 9:18 AM  

Maybe it's time to take a train ride to upstate to see the beautiful fall colors. Get out there you city folk!

Anonymous 10:42 AM  

I just recently saw a picture of that statue. Is it outside a hospital? What no pizza today??

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