Thursday, October 12, 2006

Randy Newman

Last night Cory and I ate at the "Hummus Place" restaurant on Macdougal Street. A man Cory got to talking to in Whole Foods said it has the best hummus. The hummus was really good and really fresh (they made a new batch for our order). Although, Cory (the hummus critic) said that he has eaten better hummus. After dinner we took a stroll around New York looking for materials for Cory's CD covers. Not only did we find material, we found so much more. So much in fact, that I waited on the steet while Cory went home to get a traveling cart so we could get it all home. Two of our best finds were a nice record player with speakers and an old handmade quilt.

Tonight was Randy Newman's concert at Carnegie Hall. He put on a really great show. He even did three encores. We were up in the nose bleed section but we didn't mind because Carnegie Hall was really cool to be in. After the concert we went through an exit from the balcony that put us outside on a ledge. This is where the street picture was taken. If the city looks a little glossy it is because it has been raining all evening long.

Thanks for all of your concerned phone calls with the plane accident today. Cory and I didn't even know it had happened until we started getting phone calls. We are far away from the site of the accident.


amorphous nate 1:47 AM  

that's a purty piture city boy

Anonymous 2:48 PM  

aww! i wish we would have known about that hummus place when i was there! shoot.. :/ im glad you're having a blast over there!

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