Saturday, September 30, 2006

A flying squirrel and lots of pizza

Friday morning I woke up early for yoga class. You won't believe what happened when I got outside...a squirrel almost landed on my head! It fell from the top of our building and hit my leg before it hit the ground. I thought it was going to die right there, but it just shook around for a while until it ran and fell again into a window alcove of a basement apartment. It eventually got out with the help of the landlord. We almost had a squirrel! I was just too afraid to grab it.

After yoga I went home to shower so I could meet David and Cory who were in Union Square. We met up and did some shopping. I bought green polka dotted rain boots. Here I am infront of Two Boots pizza shop. Cory and I both got a slice of pizza. It was really good. Susan Bringard told me that when she was in New York, Two Boots was her favorite pizza. For dinner we went out for pizza at Lombardi's (David of course got his vegan style). This is where pizza was invented in 1905. It is ranked as the number 1 pizza place in New York City and it lived up to it's ranking. This was the best pizza we have ever eaten.

David had to leave early this morning. It was great having him here.


Anonymous 1:34 AM  

that was so much fun. thank you both so much for having me. that was a great time. mm that pizza was so good.

Anonymous 1:34 AM  

by the way that was me - i forgot to put my name - durrrr. haha..

amorphous nate 2:32 AM  

the devil you say! better than me'n'ed's? i refuse to believe it. big city pizza has corrupted you and now you'll never be the same.

Anonymous 3:26 AM  

Pizza was not invented in NYC!!! Lombardi was the first U.S. pizzeria in 1905.

coryandannie 3:34 PM  

What is referred to as "Pizza" in America bears little to no resemblance to what what invented in Napoli 100 years before Lombardi's. The formula of crust, sauce, cheese and then meat was invented at Lombardi's. Also the concept of thin crust was unheard of prior to Lombardi. "Pizza" as we know it was invented in NYC. I suppose you maintain that french fries were invented in France also?

Anonymous 6:03 PM  


Anonymous 6:05 PM  

Maybe it was a real flying squirrel and maybe that's why you don't see many around. That first lesson really thins out the group! Midget

Brady Nathan 7:56 PM  

Hey that pizza does look delicious! I'm glad the flying squirrel and the pizza were separate topics and that you didn't have flying squirrel pizza. I know, a terrible comment but I couldn't resist!

Searching for nuts 5:26 PM  

The squirrel had obviously spent some time at your upstairs neighbors apartment. I've been in that condition before, as long as you hit the ground runnin' your cool. I'm glad to see your becoming pizza connoisseurs, your papa would be proud.

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