Friday, October 20, 2006

Jordan Has Arrived

"Is that sixty containers of hummus in your fridge Annie?"
"Yes, you are correct!"
At my work, the refrigerator is acting up and they had to get rid of the stock. I helped them out by taking the hummus. I received some crazy looks because I took so much, but they don't understand how much Cory loves hummus. He could eat 4 a day for 15 days, and I think Cory is up to the challenge. He has definitely been training for this for a long time.

While walking down Broadway in Soho, Keanu Reeves past in front of us (and me without my camera).
Jordan Bentley has arrived! He will be staying with us until the 29th. I am sure that Cory and Jordan will be going on lots of adventures that I will get to blog about.


amorphous nate 3:13 AM  

jordan and keanu apparently have similar grooming habits.face fuzz and a gentle flip to their hair.

have fun you wild and crazy guys

hummushomegoil 5:35 PM  

Nate seems to be strangely obsessed with mens hair and grooming habits. From a guy with George Will grooming himself I,m fascinated. Hummus and Jordan the perfect combo!

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