Monday, October 16, 2006


This blog is all about Saturday night's benefit party. Our internet has been down, which explains why I am just now blogging about it. If you read the last blog and checked out the website about the benefit then you will already know that it was to raise funds for some of Cory's friend's trip to Africa to make a documentary about witch orphans. The host of the night was Jason Zimbler (AKA Ferguson on "Clarissa Explains It All" and good friend of Joe Sousa). Cory is a big Nickalodean fan and was excited to finally meet Jason. Cory and I had a great time talking to Jason. We talked a lot about Nickelodeon shows, specifically Double Dare. Jason was wearing a Double Dare t-shirt that he wore when he was a contestant. One of the things we learned, was that the green slime they used tasted good. Who knew! Cory and I also spent a lot of time hanging out with Little Marvin. Marvin is Cory's new music manager/publicist. Marvin is really cool and we are thankful that he is as excited about Cory's music career as much as we are. We made Dot Calm CD's, business cards, and stickers to give out to guests. Cory did a great performance of his new song. He was the hit of the party. The party was so much fun and I hope that they raised a lot of money.


amorphous nate 2:17 AM  

i can assume "little Marvin" is the guy in the burberry scarf?! i remain unconvinced that that red headed guy was ferguson, i require more proof. glad to hear the concert went well, when is the cd drop for the west coast? nice packaging.

p.s. what exactly is going on with your (cory's) hair? is the quail look in now? i have been rockin the bald eagle cut lately.

Anonymous 10:36 AM  

I'm still laughing a-nate!! midget

coryandannie 1:39 PM  

If you need more proof of Jason being Ferguson, go to the "Witch Orphan's" myspace page (In Dot Calm's top 8).

Yes, the quail look is in, and has never in fact been out, at least for those of us with a more openminded approach to hair stylings (See Annie's hair).

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