Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blue Skies

Jordan had his photo shoot next to the blue light. Now Jordan and Cory are both blue. Here are some titles for the blog I have came up with. "Why are Jordan and Cory so Blue?," "Cory and Jordan Getting Ready to Join the Blue Man's Group." "The Two Newest Additions to the Smurf Family."

Cory saw Ralph Macchio ("The Karate Kid") drinking coffee in the cafe of a Barne's and Noble on 82nd Street.

Down near Ground Zero in the Financial District is a really old cemetery. When Cory and I were in New York a few summers ago we sat on a bench and ate lunch here. It is a beautiful cemetery.

The weather here in New York is getting very cold. I don't leave the house without my gloves, beanie, and scarf. I am looking forward to California weather. When I come home I will be blonde Califonia girl. I know I only have one blonde patch but I am getting my hair done again (and getting paid again) on November 5th and they will most likely go all blonde with my hair. I am looking forward to it.


Mom 10:53 AM  

The Blue Brothers look really fine to me!
Blonds have more fun...I thought, until I see the adventures of skunk hair.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Love ya!

amorphous nate 2:41 PM  

were cory and jordan looking for a support group for sad men? or did they mean the stage show by that name?

Ralph macchio was my lover! 3:54 PM  

You've got a good eye when you can recognize the karate kid. I know Miss Annie has let bigger fish go unnoticed. Blond is good, but will the carpet match the drapes?

Anonymous 10:19 PM  

Enough of the decorating talk, except to say mismatched elements are an exciting addition to any design. That Chachi sighting is some serious powers of observation.


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