Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More of Manhattan

Today we all got up early to hit the town. We did some shopping, but mainly we just did a lot of walking. We took Jordan to Roosevelt Island. We walked all the way to the top of the island. It is a very peaceful island.As we were walking back on 57th Street we were checking out the cool looking Vespa Scooter. The guy on it was struggling to get in on the sidewalk. I never would have looked at the guys face but my very observant husband noticed that it was Matthew Broderick. I quickly took action and got my camera out and snapped a picture. I learned a lot in only a few seconds.
1st: Be more observant
2nd: Zoom in more
3rd: Rather than acting like a rude tourist I should of asked if he needed helped and then asked him for a photo (I would have saved Matthew from having to give us a dirty look as he was struggling with his Vespa).

We went out for Thai food tonight on 54th Street and we all had Pad Thai. Very delicious. The boys are currently at a UCB show and I am going to get to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow.


amorphous nate 1:41 AM  

matthew broderick rides a vespa. that clinches it, if ferris bueller has one, i need one too.

did he actually give you a dirty look? you need to change your other page to "famous people that hate us vs. famous people that don't"

(although you might have to put david bowie on the fence, due to the controversial sudden interest in windowshopping)

Anonymous 10:38 AM  

So much for "everything I know, I learned in kindergarten". midget

Anonymous 12:48 AM  

I have had fun following your adventures. Keep it up. Deb Sheely

Sarah Jessicadoj 9:40 AM  

I geuss Ferris won't be a guest on Monster Garage any time soon.

Brady Nathan 11:09 PM  

What is your new email address? I just realized I recently emailed you at your LHS one. By the way, the weekend you come home I will be out of town but I'll be back on Sunday. Will I be able to see you some time after that?

p.s. Oh yeah, as usual I love all the pictures. Lots of famous people lately. You must feel special!

Mom 11:35 AM  

Hey C & A -
Shared the pics with G. Clayton and G. Lois....they were speechless... especially with the "eyeballs." (I edited the "strong language" text as I read for them.) They thanked me for reading to them because the text was too small for them to read. (thought you should know!):)
Love ya!

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