Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rice To Riches

Last week while David was here we went out for rice pudding at "Rice To Riches". It is a very cool place. We got the chocolate chip flavor. It was hard to choose because they have so many different flavors.
Well, not much has been going on over here. Which is why I haven't blogged for a few days and it's why I am using old pictures today.
It is turning into fall over here. Yesterday was really cold. I have heard that fall is a beautiful time of year in New York.
I have been taking a lot of yoga classes this week. I would like to go five times a week but a more realistic goal is three to four times a week. When I get back to Hanford I want to lead yoga classes with all of my friends and family. So, get ready for a good relaxing workout!


Mom 10:43 PM  

This looks like a great place! It sounds like it is dessert like. Do you think you will go again to Rice to Riches?

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