Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jordan's last night

Jordan and Jen had just gotten back from what they called, "The Best Meal Ever." Cory was just finishing up what he calls, "The Best Meal Ever." Jen's friend invited them to "Friends and Family Night" at a brand new restaurant to eat for free. One of the things Jordan ordered was an $18 beer and he now has the bottle to prove it. They told us all about the meal but all I remember was that Jen ate duck and Jordan ate Red Snapper. Cory is still working on all of the hummus that I brought home, but he still loves it.

This was Jordan's last night in town so he had to pack. Cory helped zip the luggage while Jordan did some decompressing. As Cory was giving a thumbs up to the camera, Jordan's heart was sinking as he realized he had left out a sock. I thought this was hilarious.


amorphous nate 12:42 AM  

there is always a mystery sock. i am sure the same would be true of gloves if we wore them as often, but that is just a hypothesis. There is always one missing... always one extra... one you don't remember owning... one with somebody else's name stencilled on it. i repeat, ther is always a mystery sock.

and the solution to the mystery sock problem is always the same. throw it away. the energy you would expend on trying to correct the situation could well be spent on other things. sometimes you just have to let things go.

Foot Fetish 12:20 PM  

I've been to the Valley of Lost Socks and it's not pretty. One bad trip. Just pretending they don't exist doesn't get you anywhere. You'll end up like jack Nicholson in the Shining. We know they're out there. Destroy them before they desroy us!

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