Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cory & Bowie

Who is that walking to the left of Cory? Yes, that is right. It is David Bowie! We were walking behind him for a block and a half before we even knew it was him.

I'm coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, November 10th I will be in Lemoore until the following Wednesday. Philip and Allyson are getting married that night. I am so excited to be back home for a while. If there is anything you would like from New York, now is your chance to tell me or don't expect anything. Unless you want hugs, because I carry plenty of those all the time.

Guess who the woman is sitting at the table with her head down? It is Amy Sedaris. Cory went to see her at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square. There were a lot of people there, so this is as close as he could get. Cory gets to see all the celebrities.


amorphous nate 11:59 PM  

meg doesn't think that's bowie. but i am not sure she knows who he is. i for once am not skeptical.

hooray, i am sure there are plenty of people that can't wait to see you. alas, i am one of them, but it won't be this trip. have a good time

Anonymous 1:46 AM  

id like you to bring a squirrel, a pizza, an amy sedarjkfasijf cupcake, and a souvenir miniature of the empire state building please.
oh yeah and some laserdiscs would be cool. especially back to the future 1, 2 AND 3.

Anonymous 10:20 AM  

Looks like a nice day for a white wedding. I'll take one of those miniature souvenir squirrels also. Jordan came by for the suitcase.....we now have room for another adult in the house. Rock the cradle of love. Midget

amorphous nate 2:40 PM  

i think dad has his bleached blonde popstars in a twist, as all of his allusions refer to billy idol. but what do i know, i'm afraid of americans (and china dolls)

2 Close to Humboldt 6:37 PM  

Amy Sedaris carved a bong in the shape of a squirrel and gave it to Martha Stewart. I'll take Amy, Martha and the bong.

Anonymous 7:02 PM  

You are right. I'm humbled. Midget

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