Saturday, October 21, 2006


What was the artist thinking? Those aren't eyes, they are bxxbies! Jordan, Cory and I took a long walk in the rain to the financial district. The sky overlooking the Statue of Liberty was very gloomy. Happy Birthday to me! Cory's parents sent me an earlier birthday package of the two things I love most. Dark Chocolate and Ginger! Thank you Lyle and Marlene! Do you notice Audrey Hepburn in the background? You might recognice this poster from the "Gap."


amorphous nate 1:42 AM  

hooray for bxxbies

Anonymous 10:16 AM  

Wow!! A reverse underwire. A picture like that can come back to haunt a future youth pastor ....the music guy gets a pass.

Anonymous 4:53 PM  

I wonder if they could ride mine?

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