Saturday, October 14, 2006

Party Time

This is what Union Square looks like from the top floor of Filene's Basement Department Store. This was one of the locations of the music video Cory has started to shoot. When it is complete you will be able to check it out on his myspace page. Cory and I have also been working on the packaging for his CD were are distributing. Tonight is the benefit his friends are putting on. Click here to see information about the party tonight and take notice of Cory's image. Will used a picture of Cory that he took and used it in the flyer he made. Cory will be performing tonight at the show, so I know you would all like to be there but I will try to take some pictures.


Anonymous 2:51 PM  

i hope the show was great. i have seen that view! in hindsight, i wish i had had the thought to have a picture taken of me from that window area standing in one of the circles next to the light pole. dang it! haha.. oh well..

Mom 8:09 AM  

Best wishes for the show! Great Pics! Thinking of you!
Love ya! Mom

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