Monday, October 09, 2006

A Clear, Sun Shining Day

Today was such a beautiful warm spring-like day. I started my morning off with yoga class. My friend took a picture of me after class trying to do the new pose that we learned. After yoga, I went on top of the building to check out the views.
We met up with Bill and Joan in Central Park later in the day. There were a lot of people out because of how wonderful the day was and because of today being Columbus Day. This was the last stop in New York for Bill and Joan before they head off to their next destination. I think that Bill and Joan are the ones who need to be blogging. They are leading a very exciting life right now. The most exciting things for me and Cory usually have something to do with squirrels (which reminds me that we have a ton of squirrel pictures we are saving up for you all). Oh, wait a second. Cory and I will be going to Carnegie Hall on Wednesday night to see Randy Newman perform, and I think that is pretty exciting. So, family and friends, what exciting news do you all have for us?


ASDude 1:00 AM  

Sorry, I have no exciting news for you.
Nothing happening in FresNo.

amorphous nate 1:02 AM  

I had a maple latte. it was good, maple is the flavor of the future. We are kookaburra sitting. that's all from the oc.

Anonymous 10:29 AM  

Short people got no reason to blog. Midget

amorphous nate 11:26 AM  

that's some funny stuff, dad! impressive.

City Dweller 2:11 PM  

Tis beautiful here in San Francisco also. Spent Columbus Day hiking Angel Island watching the Fleet Week festivities (Blue Angels) then went into town to mingle with the sailors. (Luv me sum swabbies) Had a great conversation with the man who owns the catalogued sounds of the Kookaburra bird. You've gotta love this urban living...Heres to the left and right coast!

Anonymous 10:29 PM  

Sounds like amorphous nate and city dweller have a little bit in common. midget

amorphous nate 12:44 PM  

my feelings towards swabbies are only luke warm.

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