Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bill and Joan's Excellent Adventures

Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan arrived today in Manhattan. Bill is Cory's grandfather's youngest brother from Colorado Springs. Bill and Joan have been travelling around the East coast in the R.V. for a few months now. We got to hear about a few of the many exciting cities they have been to. We are glad that they decided to stop in New York. They left the R.V. about 45 miles away and they took a bus into Penn Station. Penn Station as you might already know is only a few blocks from our house. We all had coffee together and took a walk to the Hudson River, then we dropped them off at one of the tour bus stops. They will be seeing the city on top of one of the many big red double-decker buses. We will be meeing up with them again tomorrow during their second and last day in the city. They came at just the right time because we are having beautiful weather in the Big Apple.


Mom 10:46 PM  

Hey, it is great that you got to see Bill and Joan! Seeing the 4 of you in the Big Apple makes it all more real! Tell them, I hope they have a wonderful, and safe trip home!

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