Sunday, September 10, 2006

Take your Bloggers to Work Day

Green Juice Anyone? I finally took my camera into work to get a few pictures to put on the blog. The first picture is of me in case you forgot what I looked like. I am holding a juice I just made for
myself. In the second picture you can see the juice machines and the produce we use. The third is of the produce isle in the store and the last one is a picture of the front of the juice bar. Do you like the coral paint job on the walls? It was done last night. On the left is the hot deli bar. The center case is for the vegan and raw pies. My favorite pie so far is the vegan berry cheesecake. I think it tastes better than real cheesecake if you can believe that. Then on the right holds the cold deli food and the other desserts and snacks. I hope this gives you a better idea of what my work is like. I hope you all can stop in soon!!!


Anonymous 10:42 AM  

Your eyes are turning a lovely shade of green.

Vegan in Cali 3:27 PM  

No wonder you have gas!

danny fox 4:48 PM  

boo healthy food.

yay for trans fatty acids and
saturated fats.

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