Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday and Celebrities

While walking down 7th Avenue, Cory passed Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on the Street. Meanwhile I was at Yogo Integral Natural foods working my 8 hour shift. While I was lost in thought washing dishes, Maggie Gyllenhaal ordered a "purple passion" smoothie from my co-worker. I only know this because my co-worker told me after Maggie left. I am becoming famous! Famous for missing out on celebrity sightings. At work today it was "Day For Your Health." Which meant work was crazy because they had a schedule of free things going on and a ton of samples throughout the store. Next Saturday is Cory's Birthday!!!!


Anonymous 5:37 AM  

lucky, maggie gyllenhaal.

45 year old spinster 4:00 PM  

I wonder if Maggie gets rabid gas from those smoothies? Sarah has that Courtney Love "My dealer has some good s--t." look about her.

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