Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pizza Suprema

I had the day off today! So, I did our laudry and cleaned the bathroom. Our bathrooom is literally sparkling clean thanks to the Magic Eraser. Have you used one before? Many companies make them. If you haven't, you must get one as soon as possible. Using the eraser I was able to get off stains that I coudn't using other methods. I made Cory watch me erase soap scum away from the tile grout and he was even amazed. I think I will stop talking about that because I think I made my point...get a magic eraser, you won't be dissapointed. Cory went to work today as a PA. He helps with production but he also has speaking parts. They love him so much he even got a raise. For lunch we went to "Pizza Suprema." It is ranked in the top 10 pizza joints in the city and it is around the corner from our apartment. Cory ordered the "Sicilian." He liked it alot! We have a new neighbor who lives directly above us. He is a nice guy. He has the same size apartment that we do except he shares it with two big dogs. I couldn't imagine living in our apartment with even one small dog. We hear them moving around alot but we don't mind that noise. What we do mind is the extremely loud techno music he plays. It was so loud this afternoon I coud't stand it. The music even woke Cory up and 4am. Thump, thump, thump...


ASDude 3:04 AM  

Pizza again???
What happened to the Healthy Diet?
Is the "The Crazy Lady" still around?

amorphous nate 12:22 PM  

i bet your new neighbor thinks that sharing an apartment with a girl is worse than 2 dogs, it's easier to train dogs not to poo in the corner.

Anonymous 12:23 PM  

in the bottom picture, cory looks like giovanni ribisi's "slower" younger brother.

Cheese free in Marin 6:55 PM  

What happened to my lactose intolerant little girl? Does the magic erasure work on exboyfriends?

coryandannie 7:11 PM  

My new digest enzymes are working great. I am taking Digest Gold for all of my digesting needs. The Healthy diet is still around but we are conducting research on the best pizza in New York! Yes, the Crazy Lady is around. In fact, I just saw her two minutes ago. I would love to get photos of her everytime I see her but I don't want her to catch on.

Anonymous 6:41 PM  

was it techno or news of a recent "job" that woke cory up at 4 am?

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