Thursday, September 21, 2006

Union Square

Last night I slept for 11 hours to make up for the past three nights. If only there were "roll-over minutes" when it came to sleeping. Cory and I had a lovely afternoon in New York. The weather was wonderful. We ran into Will and John Paul at Union Square. It was our first time running into friends. You can't go even 3 days in Lemoore/Hanford without running into a friend. Will took some pictures of Cory with his new camera. After hanging out with them for a while, Cory went to 79th to tutor and I went shopping at Trader Joes and at Integral Natural Foods for a few things for Cory's Birthday party tomorrow night. I stocked up on hummus for the party as requested by Cory. If you didn't get invited to the party it is becuase we did't think you would come to NYC. Don't worry, we love you all and we will be having lots of parties when we get back to California.


My clothes are everywhere 12:58 PM  

Cory is wearing my shirt.

Anonymous 3:34 PM  

What's with the Bob's Big Boy hair do?

Anonymous 4:29 PM  

you look like You are both having so much fun. i cant wait to see you and hang out. it will be a great time i am sure. well, see you in a couple days.

mom 8:14 PM  

Hey Lookin' Good Birthday Boy!
New do?
Hope you have a great party and fabulous year!
Enjoy your hummus!
Love, MOM

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