Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Super Blog: Part 2

Tuesday, September 5th marks the day most students go back to school. For me and Cory, this is the day to be an audience member of the "View." Rosie Odonell is the new Co-host for the 10th season of the "View." We had to arrive at the studio at 7:30 so we could check in, wait in a line, sit in the studio, rehearse where we would be standing while Jessica Simpon performed, wait in a room, then finally sit and watch the show. From what we gather, we were seen on TV more from Monday's show than Tuesday's. We enjoyed the show alot. Roshie is funny! When we sat down in our seats before the show we were greeted with a nice gift bag filled with small promotional items. Then, during the show, Rosie announced that the entire audience is getting a free cruise to the Caribbean! That's right, a Cruise. We have never been on one. It is a two night preview cruise from May 7-9, onboard Royal Caribbean's newest ship: Liberty of the Seas. Our lease ends May 6th, so it is a trip marking our one year of rent in New York. It takes off from New Jersey, so will will be extending our lease for at least another month. On the walk home, Cory found a bunch of decorations in a dumpter in front of a seafood restaurant. Lots of lobsters and real starfish.


Kristin 1:27 AM  

wow! congrats on the cruise! how lucky, i'm so jealous. i DID happen to see the monday show, and you popped up on camera quite a bit. kinda weird, but totally fun. talk to you soon!

Funky45 3:33 PM  

It's kismet, serendipity! The cruise, starfish, lobster. The sea is beckoning. Good Times!

but a pirate 9:16 PM  

Mark my words, you two star crossed land lubbers best stear a wide birth from the dark(y) islands. they be cursed! bad omens only do i see for setting sail on a rosie vessel, she be the fourth siren from the island of lesbos!
thy best course is to ship off those tickets to corinthian's friends in the spanish coast, valley o'kings.


Anonymous 11:16 AM  

I used the "valueable prizes" they gave you at the view. The silicone squeege works really well on large flat areas. It's pretty cool. I can't wait to try it out on some implants.

Anonymous 11:03 PM  

Awfully cool. However, your pirate friend is pretty eloquent, but methinks a bit jealous. Steer clear o'him maties, fer he means to loot yer bounty.

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