Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pizza and a Cupcake

Yesterday (September 12, 2006) I worked from 7am-2pm. Isn't Cory cute! He took this picture of himself to answer a job ad on Craigslist. At 6pm that night we both had tutoring sessions. His was on 79th and mine was on 57th. We met up with each other and walked home. We decided to go out for pizza! Cory read that John's Pizzeria on Bleeker Street is rumored to be the best in New York City. We decided to check it out. If the line waiting to get into the restaurant is any indication about the quality of the pizza then this pizza is the best! We waited for 30 minutes to get a table then we waited another 30 minutes to get our pizza. Was it worth the wait? Yes! It was really good. I am not saying it is the best New York has to offer, but it is the best we have had so far. We are trying not to compare New York to Me N Ed's pizza from back home but it is hard not to since this is our favorite pizza place of all time. How do they get the crust so thin, flavorful and flaky? Since the pizza joint was on Bleeker we walked down to Magnolia's (one of our favorite bakerys) to get a cupcake to finish the meal with some sugar! What a great night! It was definitely not healthy like drinking green juice but Oh so wonderfu!


ASDude 12:46 AM  

Pizza and Cupcakes look really good.
I am getting hungry just looking at the pics.
I should eat out once in awhile too.

Natural gas research of No. Cali 1:36 PM  

Just wondering if the pizza and cupcakes give you rabid gas?

Brady Nathan 5:50 PM  

I heard from someone that Martha Stuart said that Billy's Bakery has the best cupcakes in New York. Have you eaten them there?

coryandannie 12:26 AM  

Yes, we love Billy's Bakery. I had my first cupcake in New York there. It will always be my first love, but actually I think Magnolias and Buttercup's cupcakes are much better. I have watched the video of when Billy was on Martha Stewart making his cupcakes. It has the recipe, so someday I will try and make them!

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