Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cory's Birthday

Friday was Cory's Birthday Eve. I got him a portable record player and he got started right away using it. He was finally able to listen to records that he found here three months ago. It is hard enough keeping secrets from your husband, but it is even worse trying to do it with no place to hide things. Our apartment doesn't allow for secret hiding places. While Cory was having a good time I went and made $60 selling tickets. Remember when in the last blog I told of how we were hanging out in Union Square? Well, we were given three free tickets for Friday night. We like making money when we do not have to do anything. That night we went to Brooklyn to celebrate Cory's Birthday. We had fun just hanging out with friends. We also got to watch Cory on television. Did anybody else watch David Letterman? Cory was outside wearing a blue shirt in the crowd watching Lebron James and David shoot free throws. I called Ross to let him know since he is the basketball player in the family. For those of you who do not know, my cousin Ross is going to Fresno Pacific and he is on the basketball team. Maybe he will go out for track after basketball like I did? Today is Cory's actual birthday but I had to work. It is after work now and Cory and I are having a relaxing evening at home. We are about to watch the first "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie.


Gramma and Aunty T. 10:41 PM  

Nice hair, lookin' pretty Annie.
Happy Birthday Cory.

Anonymous 11:53 PM  

he is definitely gonna use that a lot. looks like he did have a good birthday :) see you tomorrow! ':/ haha..

kristian 6:35 AM  

i seen cory on the television. once briefly and possibly a second time as well.

Mom 7:39 PM  

Wow...great present Annie! Hey, from the looks of the apartment, I am wondering where David is going to sleep! Hope he has a great time in NYC. I know you will show him the sites!
Love ya!

Aunty Shell 11:12 PM  

Hapy Birthday Cory! Annie where I come from that is called "scalping" tickets. Good Girl! Love you both

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